Policymakers at the state and federal level have a conundrum on their hands. While trillions of dollars are being handed out to boost our economy’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, some are beginning to wonder if all that stimulus hasn’t reached the point of doing more harm than good — to the job market, anyway.

THUMBS UP: To Congressman John Curtis who asked colleagues Wednesday to get back to business…

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THUMBS DOWN: To the hundreds of "patriots" who gathered in Sanpete County last week to burn …

With spring in full bloom and pandemic restrictions loosened, it’s been fun to see the local parks and fields teeming with kids playing sports. At the Utah Women & Leadership Project, we know that girls’ participation in sports is a widely recognized pathway to leadership, improved grades, health and self-confidence. Coaches are in an ideal position to positively influence their athletes. In 2019, we convened a “think tank” with athletic coaches and focused on how they can first lead by example and then work to support girls’ personal development and resilience.

THUMBS UP: To Provo Downtown Inc. for helping to bring normal life back with this weekend’s …

Earlier this week, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. asked Congress to raise taxes and increase borrowing so his administration can spend $2.3 trillion — on top of the $1.9 trillion Congress authorized two months ago for so-called COVID relief — for thousands of projects he calls "infrastructure." All this is in addition to the $2 trillion that the government borrows annually these days just to make ends meet.

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