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Two Jack’s Pizza makes specialty items shine

I want this to be very clear: I didn’t like Two Jack’s Pizza’s specialty items.What you should know is that if Two Jack’s Pizza’s specialty items started a cult, I’d join it. I’d go to war for that pizza. If NASA told me they’d opened a Two Jack’s Pizza on Mars, I’d ...

Happy Dragon in Vineyard should be your Chinese takeout go-to

Anyone who enjoys a good combo plate at a Chinese mall food court eatery needs to give Happy Dragon a try.The restaurant was one of the first to go up in the ever-developing city of Vineyard, and I’m sure it will stick around a long time thanks to its fantastic flavors, array of options, ...

Getting a first experience at a Utah County classic — Apollo Burger

It was a dark and snowy night.The wind was howling, the snow was falling fast and the roads were slushy and chaotic when my friends and I braved the weather to visit Apollo Burger in Orem.I know the burger joint has been an essential part of Utah communities since first opening in 1984, but ...

Macs A La Mode, offers new twist on ice cream sandwiches

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, definitive dessert place, look no further than Macs A La Mode, at 934 N. State St., Suite 109 in Orem.The 20-seat dessert parlor, that opened in October, serves basically a large variety of one thing, macaron ice cream sandwiches.For those who are not ...

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‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ defies a genre category

The new Hulu limited series “Nine Perfect Strangers” does not fit into any typical genre, actor and executive producer Nicole Kidman told the media. “I dare you to ask any of us what genre this is. We have no idea.” The cast gathered online to talk about this series and shed light about ...