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Publisher: Jim Konig - 801-625-4501
Email: jkonig@standard.net

Retail Manager: Craig Conover - 801-344-2947
Email: cconover@heraldextra.com

Managing Editor: Ryan Christner - 801-625-4229
Email: rchristner@standard.net

Community Editor: Harrison Epstein
Email: hepstein@standard.net

Provo, Orem & Faith Reporter: Genelle Pugmire - 801-344-2910
Email: gpugmire@heraldextra.com

Education and North Utah County Reporter: Ashtyn Asay
Email: aasay@heraldextra.com

Government and South Utah County Reporter: Kelcie Hartley
Email: khartley@heraldextra.com

Sports Reporter: Darnell Dickson - 801-344-2555
Email: ddickson@heraldextra.com

Sports Reporter: Jared Lloyd - 801-344-2551
Email: jlloyd@heraldextra.com

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