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New system helping Intermountain Health monitor energy usage

Intermountain Health has a new Remote Operations Center that tracks and monitors energy use at 18 of its facilities in Utah and Idaho. The system uses billions of data points that keep track of energy use and spots inefficiencies in systems that work poorly. One example provided by the company ...

Zito: Postcards from the edge of cannibalism

SCRANTON, Pennsylvania — Several years ago the Smithsonian magazine ran an elegant story about the use of postcards in American culture as a way both to communicate to loved ones far away and to illustrate what the traveler wants you to see about where they have been. The key phrase is ...

Robbins: Elitism, arrogance threaten a backlash against Democrats

"Trouble in River City" goes the famous line in "The Music Man," one of America's best-loved musicals, set in the fictional town of River City, Iowa, meant to represent the country's heartland. It is in America's heartland — not just geographic, but socio-political — that Democrats risk a ...