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Local Guest Opinions

Guest opinion: Celebrating the Orem Public Library

The Orem Public Library is a treasured gathering place in our community. Many wonderful memories have been created as children checked out their first books, families attended library programs, and school children read their way through summer breaks. My children especially enjoyed the ...

Guest opinion: Information on cervical cancer will save lives

This past November, I spoke with a 32-year-old mom at the day care where I work part time in Camden, a small town in rural Wilcox County in Alabama’s Black Belt. I shared information on cervical cancer prevention and the HPV vaccine, which protects against several types of cancer. I was ...

Guest opinon: Do legislators even understand minor transgender health care?

Recently Utah house bill HB132 was introduced to the legislature. This bill, "Prohibiting Sex Transitioning Procedures On Minors" is an ill-informed bill based, not out of fact, but out of a fear and resentment for our transgender community. It's important to emphasize that "sex transitioning ...