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Local Guest Opinions

Guest opinion: Constitution Month in action

At last Tuesday’s Orem City Council meeting, council member Terry Peterson questioned his obligation to certify the recent Orem City election results. After receiving clarification from: Orem City Recorder Teresa McKitrick (acting in her role as an election official): “All you’re ...

Guest opinion: Draft IRS regulations a danger to business risk protection

Real estate development and construction financing are some of the most risk-heavy industries in America. Risks related to budgets, schedules, regulations and more can spell financial ruin, even for well-run firms. As a developer and financier of charter schools across the country, one of the ...

Guest opinion: I needed school choice

My parents spent three weeks choosing a car for their large family. They spent three years buying land, designing their home and having it built for us. Yet my public school education was not even a question for them. Six of my siblings and I went to public school from kindergarten through ...