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Guest opinion: In this economy, who can afford love?

He checked off all the boxes. “Green flags” flew from the restaurant to a city park bench in Gallivan Plaza, under a street lamp and a small maple tree. We sat on the bench and continued to chat excitedly about our shared philosophies. He checked off all the boxes except one: I can’t ...

Guest opinion: Congress, hold the line against new government mandates

Congress made the right call recently by not including harmful government mandates that affect our pharmacy benefits in the most recent spending package. Anyone who owns their own business can tell you how important it is to offer competitive benefits to keep employees around and incentivize ...

Guest opinion: The decline and fall of the American empire

Overwhelming numbers of Americans want more of the pleasures we are already experiencing — more sports, more celebrities, more holidays, more movies and video games, more restaurants, more travel destinations. For some 190 years, since the campaign to lower the workday from 12 hours to 10 ...