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Will women feel the draft?

By Randy Wright - | Jan 29, 2013

”Boykin” If women want to join the military, more power to them. America will benefit from the gifts they bring to the killing party, so long as physical standards are not eroded. Certainly, there are many assignments in which to serve according to one’s abilities, whether you’re male or female. Are the fears raised by Jerry Boykin, the former Army lieutenant general and Delta Force legend, so serious that we must resort to the ban of a whole gender class from high-intensity combat units? Allow me to comment on Boykin’s arguments:

• Women are overall weaker than men. I’ll put Venus Williams against Pee-wee Herman any day. Soldiers should be evaluated one-by-one, not judged as a class.

A woman might distract a man with her sexuality. Yeah, but she’s got guns and knives, so don’t get out of line, buddy.

It’s too degrading to go potty in the woods. Said Boykin, ”I certainly don’t want to be in that environment with a female, because it’s degrading and humiliating enough to do your personal hygiene and other normal functions among your teammates.” Why couldn’t they just go behind a friendly bush?

Not one of Boykin’s bullet points is much of a reason to deprive a woman of her desire to splatter enemy guts all over creation. It beats baking cookies. But extending the draft to all women? I don’t think America is ready for that. Women are serving admirably today; but when it comes to the Selective Service, equal protection will not likely banish sexism anytime soon.


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