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Pleasant Grove man invents ‘Pillow Cube’ for fellow side sleepers

By Carley Porter daily Herald - | Sep 1, 2019

Side sleepers, rejoice: The days of waking up with a crick in your neck are over. At least, that’s the intent behind side sleeper Jay Davis’ invention, the Pillow Cube.

A side sleeper his whole life, Davis, of Pleasant Grove, said he hated pillows, and would stack them to try and get the support he wanted and needed.

“There was just never a pillow that was really great,” Davis said.

For years, Davis researched solutions other cultures had found for sleeping, such as Japanese pillow boxes, and tried to research what made a good pillow.

“I’ve always just been like, man, there must be a better way to do this and make a better pillow,” he said.

About two years ago, Davis’ Provo advertising agency Creatably was talking to some mattress clients and realized mattresses have undergone several revolutions to improve. But no one has really tried to change pillows, he said. Davis said he’s seen plenty of articles about pillows that are great for back and stomach sleepers, but those two things are drastically different from sleeping on one’s side.

“We’ve been joking around that there’s a conspiracy against side sleepers, because we’re so much better than other sleepers,” Davis said. “So no one wants to make us a side sleeping pillow that actually works.”

Joking around is what ultimately led Davis to the idea of the Pillow Cube, he said. And then a few months ago, with the help of his team at Creatably, Davis made the pillow and launched a Kickstarter.

Although only two years old, Creatably has some fairly well known clients, such as Vivint Smarthome, Homie, Owlet and more. Suffice it to say, Davis and his company are good at what they do — marketing products — which is why Davis decided he didn’t want to market his invention the way the company normally would.

“We really just wanted to see, will anyone buy this except for our moms,” Davis said. “We didn’t have a huge email list, we didn’t do a ton of marketing, we didn’t put a ton of spin behind it.”

Despite a lack of strong effort on Davis and Creatably’s part, in an effort to see if the Pillow Cube would get by on merit alone, the Kickstarter was fully funded — to the tune of $39,805, in 48 hours. Davis said people in countries as far as Germany and Australia contributed funding, and many people commented things like, “This is the pillow I’ve been dreaming of my whole life.”

“It’s like, okay, maybe we have something here,” Davis said. “We had a couple friends post about it who also have product companies and a lot of their followers loved it and bought it. It was just really fun to see this $60 pillow kind of take off and raise (almost) $40,000.”

The Pillow Cube is a 12×12 square that’s either 5 or 7 inches wide, depending on personal sleeping preference. It’s made of high-rebound foam which is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, according to the Kickstarter site, and features a “silky smooth stretchy cover.” Currently, the 5-inch thick pillow is priced at $60 and the 7-inch thick pillow at $65. Davis said he’s pushing to have them ready to be shipped before the holidays, but they can be purchased now at https://indiegogo.com/projects/pillow-cube-a-bed-for-your-head#/.


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