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Acura MDX, one of the first arrivals for the 2022 model year

By Staff | May 30, 2021
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The 2022 MDX Advance Acura.

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2022 MDX Advance

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2022 MDX Asserts its Role as the Flagship of the Acura Brand in New Launch Campaign

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2022 MDX SH-AWD A-Spec Red Interior 3/4 Driver Dash POV Power ON Interior Static

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2022 SH-AWD A-Spec Red Interior Second Row Seats Interior Static

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2022 MDX SH-AWD A-Spec Red interior 3/4 Driver Dash POV Interior Static Power ON

With 2022 seemingly right around the corner, and with time marching on, it gave a us great pleasure to have our first 2022 model year arrive in the version of the all-new Acura MDX.

The MDX has been redesigned from the ground up for the new year, along with being the best-selling luxury three-row SUV on the market.

With over 1 million sold over its 20-year history, we had to agree that it is quite an accomplishment for the brand, and of course left us eager to engage with the vehicle and see just what had been done to make something great, even better.

We were impressed from the moment we first drove the new MDX with the styling and features that had been added to the new SUV.

The first thing that Deanne noticed was that her water flask fit in the center cup holder. May not seem like a large deal but it is on a very rare occasion that this insulated flask can live in the cup holder and not be roaming the floor or in the seat beside her on a drive.

Another point we noticed right away was Amazon Alexa was present on the home menu screen, and all it took was a familiar Alexa command and she was off and running.

Since we are already used to having Alexa around the house, the ease of use in the MDX added even more value for us. Sometimes it is the little things that can really stand out when we get a completely redesigned vehicle for a test drive.

After a week with the vehicle it quickly became evident it was one of the easiest three-row SUVs to maneuver that we have had to date. The new electronic steering with all its technological wizardry performs to perfection. Getting around in tight spaces was like slicing butter and out on the open road it was a complete joy to be behind the wheel. Every little input from the sport steering wheel was communicated to the tires in a completely natural and, more importantly, stress-free way.

In other words, we felt completely confident being behind the wheel and not worried about making sharp corners at low speed that sometimes require all our upper body strength in larger SUVs like the MDX to get through that kind of maneuver. With just the grasp of a couple of fingers on the steering wheel we were ready for any situation.

On the power side and with the included A-Spec package, our test ride was loaded with all kinds of get up and go. Featuring 290 horsepower and 267 lb.-ft. of torque it was very well-mannered getting to speed with no trouble, even with quick jaunts onto the freeway.

The power is coupled to the wheels via a 10-speed transmission that was barely noticeable in the background providing silky smooth shifts in everyday driving. It was, however, ready to growl and hold shifts longer in sport mode if we wanted to add even more excitement to the drive.

One of the places we have always been impressed with in an Acura is the added level of safety features it includes with its vehicles and the extra touch of technology that goes into keeping not only the occupants safe but those outside of the vehicle that may inadvertently interact with our daily drive.

Take the brakes, for instance. They are now larger and dissipate heat faster, which seems like a good thing, but more importantly they will stop the SUV from 30 mph 12 feet quicker. On first glance that seems a good thing, but if something runs in front of the SUV chances are greatly enhanced that the driver can react in time.

On top of that added wider vision, pedestrian forward detection has been enhanced allowing the vehicle an even greater view of what is going on around and can help with that braking if needed. From 1 to 6 mph, the MDX will automatically brake before coming in contact with an object both in forward and reverse modes.

Oh and this is the first time we have seen a vehicle that has specifically designed impact zones on the front that will help mitigate the impact with a pedestrian, in the case that were to ever happen. What great engineering and design that was.

The new exterior also is designed to excite and set the MDX apart with sheet metal bends and curves that will have the neighborhood looking and asking questions. We found them to be just far enough outside of the ordinary that folks would want to know more about the intriguing SUV we were in.

Inside, the new look really stood out, especially in the trim. We were able to drive with deep burgundy seats, real chrome accents and grained wood insets that turned the cabin into a work of art. There were even 24 different lighting “moods” that could be set up for whatever emotion we wanted to exhibit in the moment!

The driver display and infotainment screens were both 12.3-inch, high-definition digital displays that were fully user configurable. This time out with the new Acura controls for the infotainment system we were able to get much better at using them.

They have been designed so that the pad is just like the screen, if you want the lower left corner that is where you touch, it just takes some brain work to get one’s hand to use to the pad like it was the screen, but when we got that mapping complete it became very intuitive and easy to use.

Of course everything was wireless, including the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, along with a charging pad on the center console. Combine that with the 3D-enhanced, 16-speaker concert surround sound system and any ride became the perfect escape from life’s everyday challenges.

Base Price: $57,100

Price as Driven: $58,625


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