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Provo Airport and Breeze Airways connect Utah County travelers to new destination

By Curtis Booker - | Mar 28, 2024

Courtesy Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways has announced a new route to Dallas-Fort Worth from Provo Airport.

Utah County airline travelers will have a new direct flight destination to the Lone Star State out of Provo Airport this summer.

Breeze Airways will begin offering nonstop service to Dallas twice-weekly starting June 7.

Leaders with the low-cost carrier say they’re always looking at what underserved opportunities there are for people wanting to book a trip to major cities.

“We serve more West Coast destinations out of Provo, and so (we’re) wanting to continue expanding out of region as we’re kind of the hometown airline here, being a Utah-based carrier. So just looking to expand into one of the larger metros” said Breeze’s chief commercial officer, Lukas Johnson.

The airport has two commercial flight carriers, Allegiant Air and Breeze Airways, which began taking flight out of Provo in 2022.

This will mark the third direct flight to Texas out of Provo; Allegiant currently offers service to Austin and Houston.

The airport’s director, Brian Torgerson, told the Daily Herald that Dallas was an attractive option because of the appetite for business travel out of Utah County.

After forming a “business travel task force” in 2022 to determine where fliers were traveling for business or if more people would fly out of Provo if there were more options, airport leaders discovered Dallas was one of the top destinations for business trips.

In a press release, Torgerson echoed the airport’s desire for a Dallas route: “Since opening the new terminal, DFW has been a focus of our Air Service Development efforts at the Provo Airport. Breeze is stepping up to make this important connection a reality. I am confident that this initial connection to DFW will open up significant opportunities for growth and continued success at the Provo Airport. This impact will reach far beyond the simple connection between two exceptional cities!”

The Provo-Dallas connection comes just shy of two years since the opening of the airport’s new terminal, and three months before a pair of BYU football matchups in both Dallas and Waco in September.

Lukas Johnson recognizes the convenience for students who may have family or loved ones in Texas.

“We have a huge presence of students that travel back and forth to BYU, UVU and any of the other schools in the area, but you’ve also done a lot of people visiting friends. There’s a ton of Texas transplants to and from Utah” Johnson said.

As momentum continues to soar, airport leaders still have their eyes on expansion.

The airport reached its capacity shortly after the new terminal opened just under two years ago. To accommodate more travelers, more gates are needed as well additional terminal space.

This is something Torgerson says has proved to be the biggest hurdle so far.

During this year’s legislative session, the state approved $5.5 million to assist with funding the expansion of the airport.

Torgerson says the plan hasn’t fallen by the wayside and preliminary construction is underway.

In the meantime, Breeze’s one-way flights to Dallas will start at $69 in June, with service on Mondays and Fridays.


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