Fishbowl, an inventory management software company in Orem, has been in business since 2001 and recently announced a rebranding of the company.

The bootstrap company, which has not taken on any venture capitalist backing, has over 200 employees and has continued to grow throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ease and affordability are behind the software that the company has developed to work closely with both manufacturers and warehouses to track inventory and automate inventory management. The main goal behind the company is to take the thought away from inventory management, allowing more focus to be had on the growth of the business itself.

Fishbowl also partners with a lot of big eCommerce companies to allow businesses to track their inventory, have that reflected in the accounting software, and also work with third-party sellers like Amazon and Shopify.

“The best way to put it is, we have automated the tracking of the inventory so people can focus more on the growth of their company,” Fishbowl Vice President of Marketing Jake Goeckeritz said.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt many small businesses, Fishbowl has exceled through and continued to grow as there has been a massive boom in online sales.

With more people depending on eCommerce and not leaving their homes to shop, more inventory is needed online. This fit right into Fishbowl’s focus, which has allowed the company to grow in conjunction with the businesses that put the software to use.

With that growth in Utah County, the company is rebranding itself to show its commitment to innovation and growth.

“Our new brand helps people understand Fishbowl is all about simplifying their processes so they can remain focused on what they do,” said John David King, Fishbowl CEO, in a press release. “Regardless of how difficult or complex their business may be, we’re all about innovating to help business owners make sense of and simplify their inventory by giving them access to what they need, how they need it, with simple-to-use, yet powerful software.”

The rebrand also is being used as a renewal of the company’s promise to be at the forefront of inventory management software moving forward.

This is another critical aspect of the software industry, which is continually moving and changing.

As for the company’s goal moving forward, Goeckeritz stressed the focus on innovation for the future.

“This rebrand is the kickoff of a few things that we will be bringing out in the future,” Goeckeritz said. “We’re not ready to talk about those things yet but there are new products, new features, and new things that are going to be coming out. This rebrand is really the kickoff to a year of change for Fishbowl in 2021. That’s what is exciting and that’s what really gets us amped up because we’re going to be bringing more to the table for our customers and future customers.”

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