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Sunday Drive: Luxury gets a new definition in the new Infiniti QX60

By Craig and Deanne Conover - Daily Herald | Jun 11, 2022
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An exterior view of the all-new Infiniti QX60.
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An exterior view of the all-new Infiniti QX60.
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An interior view of the all-new Infiniti QX60.
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An interior view of the all-new Infiniti QX60.
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An interior view of the all-new Infiniti QX60.

After a week with the all-new Infiniti QX60, we firmly believed this is one of the best SUVs to come from the luxury automaker. It’s seething with new technology and abundant luxury throughout. This new mid-sized SUV will move Infiniti into a completely new category.

This is quite a statement for a redesigned vehicle, but that’s how we felt after spending an impressive and relaxing weekend in April with the QX60.

Even our 7-year-old grandson Jensen was impressed with the heated rear seats during a ride in the SUV with Grandpa. This was a luxury he had yet to have the pleasure of enjoying as he had been relegated to the rear row with a booster seat in all the rides he has taken to date. Fortunately for him, he had just graduated from his booster seat in time to enjoy the luxury of the QX60.

About the only thing that remained as a carryover from the previous year and generation of the QX60 in the engine, with Infiniti opting to carry on with the same naturally aspirated V-6 engine that has proven to work well in the SUV. It is a strong 3.5-liter power plant that produces a nice 295 horsepower with 270 foot-pounds of torque.

The best part of the power train story is that the CVT transmission has been replaced with an all-new nine-speed automatic that slipped through the gears seamlessly. We were never huge fans of having a CVT in a such a large SUV and were happy to see it go. We got 24 miles per gallon on the week, just over what we had experienced during our last outing in the QX60.

Many of the competitors in this space have chosen to go with smaller engines and add turbos and other options to try for more power or perhaps better fuel economy. In the more than 4,000-pound Infiniti, we were glad to experience a straight-up power plant that got us around with what seemed like little to no effort, be it in town or accelerating onto the freeway.

We both came to the agreement that our favorite part of the new QX60 was all the new technological upgrades to the interior. We have become huge fans of wireless tech and all the new LED screen technologies for the upfront passengers.

Infiniti did not disappoint us in this regard. A huge new 12.3-inch LED monitor has been used for the infotainment screen and another placed in front of the driver. Both, of course, were customizable and easy to navigate after just a couple of times out in the SUV.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were also included in the package and done wirelessly. This is always a great feature for any vehicle. Add to that the wireless charger in the front console, and it kept us happy no matter what the drive called for.

Let us not forget that, if we were not using Siri to get around, Infiniti has included a fantastic navigation system with MapCare and Premium Traffic enhancements.

Added to all of this technology is a huge 10.8-inch heads up display that showed all of this navigation data to help get us around while keeping our eyes on the road and off all the wonderful accoutrements that lined the interior of the QX60.

Over the years, we have come to love the NASA-inspired zero-gravity seats that Nissan has been putting in all its vehicles. This time, with the Autograph trim level in the QX60, they have done it even better by adding not only heat and ventilation to the front seats but also a massaging component. What better way for Mom and Dad to take on a long vacation with the kids or just destress on the way home in the evening?

Leather was the surface of choice throughout the cabin, with our test ride coming in a Graphite color. Including the seats, there were many quilted surfaces nicely done in the same color of leather. All other touch points had metal or wood finishes.

On the safety side, the QX60 was loaded with about everything we could have imagined possible to help us remain safe during our travels. Along with ProPilot Assist, which has become standard in all Infiniti vehicles, ours had the extra Navi link included.

This would allow the QX60 to slow for differing terrain or twists and turns along our route, and it had a speed limit assist that would lower or raise our speed when the adaptive cruise was set according to the posted limit.

On the exterior, the new QX60 is very compelling to look at. In a way, it seems to have grown up, with more defined and sleeker curves all around. The all-black roof and included panoramic moonroof seemed to really set it apart out on the road.

We loved the way the new QX60 handled. It is quite easy to get around in for an SUV that holds up to seven. We would navigate into very tight spaces without feeling as if we might have problems doing so with such a large vehicle.

The new Infiniti QX60 would make a great addition to any growing family or even be a great option for empty nesters like ourselves. It has plenty of space and, most importantly, an abundant injection of luxury and technology.

Base price: $58,350

Destination charge: $1,025

Price as driven: $60,745


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