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The Fab Folk reimagines The Beatles with folk flair

By Mckhelyn Jones correspondent - | Jul 30, 2017

Local band, The Fab Folk, will be gracing the stage during Salem Days on August 11 at the Veterans Ballpark.

The Fab Folk is a Beatles cover band and is comprised of local musicians Jake Haws and Matt Weidauer. Their music is a blend of indie folk and draws inspiration from bands like Iron & Wine. They have worked together on various music projects since 2009, but the Fab Folk didn’t blossom until 2015.

“We had been playing in each other’s bands before The Fab Folk came to be,” Weidauer said. The duo began with six songs so that they could perform. Now, they have a whole collection of Beatles cover songs including the entire “Revolver” album.

The pair has played hundreds of shows in venues like bars to corporate events. They enjoy playing these gigs because the audience comes to them, Weidauer and Haws said.

“I was at the point where I was tired of the local show type of gig where you pass out flyers and hope for an audience,” Weidauer said. “The legwork was a lot more fun when we were younger, but I just kind of burned out.”

After years in the local music scene, both are now content to play shows with a built-in audience because it’s about having fun rather than trying to be famous. Their next move is to begin searching for out of state shows and to take opportunities when they arrive, Haws said.

While the Fab Folk will always be a cover band, they haven’t lost their own personal flair.

“It doesn’t sound like covers would be creative, but we really take the time to put our own spin on the arrangements,” Haws said. “There are some that are close to the original, but we try to put our own fingerprint on it.”

Both Haws and Weidauer play most of the same instruments, but Haws is the only one who can play the melodica. Also known as the pianica, blow-organ or melody horn, the melodica is a keyboard that also has a mouthpiece that is blown into and produces a sound like an accordion.

The Fab Folk will be playing at Veterans Ballpark from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Friday, August 11. It is a free concert, so come early to reserve a spot.


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