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Saying farewell to the ‘What Say Ye?’ podcast

By Court Mann daily Herald - | Oct 26, 2017
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Court Mann, from left, Derrick Clements and Justin Hackworth during a taping of the "What Say Ye?" podcast in April 2016.

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What Say Ye?

As write this, it’s been almost exactly 18 months since the “What Say Ye?” podcast first aired. My co-host/co-producer, Derrick Clements, recently moved to Texas, so we’ve decided to end the podcast while we’re still ahead. (Are we still ahead?)

Both of our bald, bearded, cartoon faces are on the podcast logo, too. We’re a package deal is what I’m saying.

In those 18 months we’ve released more than 30 episodes. Our listeners have streamed these episodes more than 22,000 times. We also won an award from the Utah Society of Professional Journalists for Best Podcast. If you’ve listened, thank you. If you haven’t, we forgive you.

At the risk of speaking for Derrick, I think we had modest expectations. Provo-centered podcasts were a rarity. I was happy with however many listeners hopped on board. Some episodes flew under the radar, with less than 200 plays, while others tallied more than 3,000. If there is a rhyme or reason why certain episodes soar and others flounder, I’ve yet to discover it.

Indeed, “What Say Ye?” kept us on our toes. We interviewed folks we never thought we would (see: Ira Glass, Jon Hamm) and discovered incredible local stories sitting just below the surface. Through a strange turn of events, we also interviewed a LOT of people running for Provo mayor. Many of our listeners associate “What Say Ye?” with politics — Derrick and I never expected that. We just wanted to laugh! And yes, we did a lot of that, too.

I’ve been procrastinating the release of our final episode, but it’s finally here. If you want to hear Derrick and I discuss our favorite episodes and generally wax nostalgic, dive in. For this last episode we’ve also revived our beloved Lightning Round questions. We’re leaving it all out on the table here. Happy listening.

Play the audio below to listen, or find “What Say Ye?” on SoundCloud and iTunes.


“What Say Ye?” Ep. 029: Saying farewell to the “What Say Ye?” podcast


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