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Lovebirds serves up Southern chicken with a bit of spice

By Genelle Pugmire daily Herald - | Oct 9, 2019
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Lovebirds' banana pudding and chicken sandwich -- two of the Provo restaurant's favorites.

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The loaded fries at Lovebirds Hot Chicken. Seasoned waffle fries topped with honey mustard ranch sauce and bite-sized dill pickles. 

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The Lovebirds chicken sandwich and scones. The sandwich features seasoned boneless breast of chicken topped with coleslaw and dill pickle chips. 

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Lovebirds' featured dessert, banana pudding topped with s shortbread cookie. 

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Lovebirds' Southern fried chicken quarter with loaded fries and Boylan's cane sugar soda. 

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Lovebirds serves all entrees and sides on a paper-lined tray, rather than plates. 

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Lovebirds' Southern fried chicken, loaded fries and a drink. 

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Homestyle scones taste more like beignets served with honey butter -- but mostly honey. 

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A look inside the chicken sandwich on toasted buns topped with coleslaw and dill pickle slices at Lovebirds Hot Chicken. 

If you’re a fan of Southern fried chicken, dill pickles and coleslaw, Lovebirds Hot Chicken, located at the Shops at Riverwoods, is for you. It’s a small taste of soul food transported to Provo.

Lovebirds is minimalist in its décor and food selections, but don’t let that fool you. What it offers is done well and in big portions.

The eating area is clean and bright, with booth, table and bar chair seating choices. It is ADA accessible and has plenty of parking.

Place your order as you walk in the door and it will be brought to your table when ready.

The main attraction or entrée is the chicken sandwich, which features boneless fried chicken breast with a crispy coating spiced to your specification. You may choose from mild, medium, hot or on fire. You can also choose to have chicken with no spices at all.

The chicken is served on a toasted bun, topped with sweet coleslaw — which tempers the heat of the chicken — and dill pickle slices.

This sandwich was large, the chicken was moist and the level of heat and spices were to individual specification and was done well.

The food is purposely served on paper-lined trays for a reason. All of the chicken, while delicious, was a bit messy when eating. Pick up a few extra napkins when you get your plastic utensils and fill your soda glasses at the service center.

Boylan Cane Sugar soda is featured at Lovebirds and has a unique but tasty back flavor. Lovebirds offers Boylan’s root beer, orange, ginger ale, lemonade and diet cola flavors. However, the favorite at our table was the black cherry.

If you want your dinner as a combo plate that’s an extra cost and comes from the sides menu. Some sides featured include seasoned waffle fries, coleslaw, scones, loaded fries and chicken nuggets for the kids.

The scones are more like beignets topped with powdered sugar and served with honey butter, heavy on the honey. They are melt-in-your mouth good and you get about six in a serving.

If you are a regular bone-in chicken eater, Lovebirds offers two different chicken entrees that sit on Texas toast and are topped with dill pickles. The portions are good-sized and some patrons may have to ask for a to-go box.

The loaded fries include the seasoned waffle fries topped with a honey mustard ranch sauce and dill pickle bite-sized chunks. The sauce is tasty and adds to the flavor of the seasoned fries. Again, the portions are of good size.

There is one dessert on the menu — banana pudding – but it is worth the purchase.

The pudding is rifled with slices of bananas and a shortbread crust mixed in with a thick creamy banana-flavored pudding. The dish is topped with a shortbread cookie. There is enough for two to share, but if you like bananas it may be difficult to give any of it up.

The pudding is good enough you could just visit Lovebirds and get an order and eat a dessert as you stroll through the Shops at Riverwoods or enjoy the evening music at the bandstand.

The help is friendly and ready to take your order. Overall the dining experience was excellent.


Where: In the Shops at Riverwoods at 14801 N. University Ave., Suite 860, Provo

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday 

Prices: Chicken sandwich $8.95, chicken plates $9.50. To add a side and drink to the sandwich or plates is an additional $3.50. Sides range from $2-$5.

Info: (801) 200-3500, lovebirdschicken.com


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