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Macs A La Mode, offers new twist on ice cream sandwiches

By Genelle Pugmire daily Herald - | Feb 16, 2020
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Fruity Pebbles, cookies and cream, and strawberry, just three of several taste varieties offered at Macs A La Mode dessert parlor Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020. 

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The four featured flavors on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020, at Macs A La Mode: peanut butter cup, Fruity Pebbles, cookies and cream, and strawberry.

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Strawberry-flavored macarons sandwiched with strawberry ice cream -- a new and refreshing offering at Macs A La Mode dessert parlor. This flavor was served Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020. 

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One of Macs A La Mode's staples, the cookies and cream macaron ice cream sandwich. Seen here on Feb. 8, 2020. 

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The teal blue macarons complement the flavors of the Fruity Pebbles ice cream mix. A favorite choice and staple at Macs A La Mode. Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020.

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Chocolate-flavored macarons with peanut butter cup ice cream. The cookies and ice cream complement each other. Served Saturday, Feb 8, 2020.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, definitive dessert place, look no further than Macs A La Mode, at 934 N. State St., Suite 109 in Orem.

The 20-seat dessert parlor, that opened in October, serves basically a large variety of one thing, macaron ice cream sandwiches.

For those who are not macaron fans, this would probably not be your first choice in dessert dining, but you should at least try it out.

For those of you who are macaron fans, your dessert dreams have just been turned into reality.

For those of you not sure what a macaron is, the Chefstep online tutorial says this about the flat crispy confection, not to be confused with the coconut cookie:

“A macaron (pronounced mack-a-rohn, French accent optional) is a confection made up of two flat almond flour-based cookies, sandwiching an emulsified filling like ganache or jam. Any variation in color or flavor is simply a variation of the filling, plus some food coloring. The macaron was made famous by the French, and is thus often referred to as a French or a Parisian macaron.”

Macs A La Mode takes two macarons and dresses them up with a variety of flavors and adds a middle layer of ice cream. The finished product is delicious.

Store owner and confectioner Jenna Parker makes the macaron ice cream sandwiches with new flavors every week. Four flavors are offered with Fruity Pebbles and Cookies and Cream being the staples.

There is always a chocolate-based sandwich on the menu as well.

On the day of this review the flavors offered were peanut butter cup, strawberry, Fruity Pebbles, and cookies and cream.

Other flavors offered depending on the week include: mint chip, lemon, Rocky Road, caramel, hot cocoa, mocha, butter pecan, mint moose tracks, snickerdoodle, pistachio and more.

One bite into the macaron sandwich and you get the sticky crunch of the cookie that has been flavored to complement the ice cream or has the exact flavor of the ice cream as well, such as was our strawberry dessert.

They are good, they are cold and they are one price — $5, that’s it. Unless you want to by a dozen at a time and you save $10.

On Fridays at the restaurant, people gather for a fun evening of Bunco and other card and board games. A whole corner bookcase holds games and toys for kids.

If you need some liquid to wash down the ice cream sandwich, Macs a la Mode sells a variety of canned sodas and bottled water.

If there were a downside to Macs A La Mode it would be the visually sterile atmosphere. It is all white — white floor, walls, chairs, tables and counters, which didn’t offer a lot of contrast. But it was all very clean.

For those who want to share their macaron ice cream sandwich, plastic knives and napkins are provided. The sandwich is served up in a white paper pocket-style holder and if you’re eating in, that becomes your plate.

Don’t worry about the crumbs. You will have them. The help is very quick to clean up tables and floors once guests have finished and left.


Where: 934 N. State St., Suite 109 (just north of Arbys on State Street by the Macey’s Grocery store complex)

Hours: 5-9 p.m. Monday to Friday; noon to 9 p.m. on Saturday, and closed Sunday. 

Prices: Macaron ice cream cookies are $5 each, if sold by the dozen $50, a savings of $10.

Info: https://www.facebook.com/macs.a.la.mode/, on Instagram and Twitter @macs.a.la.mode


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