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Nico’s Pizza in Provo brings Boston-style pizza to Provo

By Braley Dodson daily Herald - | Jan 23, 2020

Nico’s Pizza in Provo provides pizza lovers with good food in a casual dining atmosphere.

I decided to check out Nico’s Pizza after driving by it every day on my way to work and hearing from several friends that it’s the best pizza in town. Nico’s Pizza, also known as Nicolitalia Pizzeria, is located on Cougar Boulevard and boasts Boston-style pizza, which, according to them, means the pizzas are baked flat on a stone in a high-temperature oven, that the pizzas have thin, crisp crusts, that the pizzas are made with a simple tomato sauce and that cheese goes underneath the toppings.

I’ve never specifically had Boston-style pizza before, but it’s not too much different from your regular pizza.

Nico’s Pizza has a casual setup where you order and pay first at a counter before picking your seat and having the pizza brought to you. The atmosphere was fun, with pictures on the walls of famous paintings with pizzas edited onto them. The service was also fast even though we went on a busy Friday night.

We ordered the margherita pizza, which has tomato sauce with fresh garlic and basil, the Queen Margotte, which has pesto, tomatoes, spinach and basil, and the Meatza Chiena, which has tomato sauce with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, hamburger and bacon. We also ordered garlic sticks.

The food all came out steaming hot. The crust on the pizzas was very good. It was greasy pizza, so be sure to grab plenty of napkins and be ready for a messy eating experience.

Once we got the pizzas, we realized that the Queen Margotte and the margherita were very similar and we could not tell which one was which. We enjoyed both of them, and the meat combinations on the Meatza Chiena were great, as well.

The garlic sticks were thin, doughy and not very garlicy. But they were unique. The thinness of them meant that you could get more sauce onto them with each bite.

Overall, it’s a place I would go back to to grab a quick, casual bite of pizza, get pizza by the slice or try one of their other menu options like a calzone.


Where: 255 W. Bulldog Blvd. (1230N), Provo

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, closed Sunday.

Prices: $5.99 to $21.49

Info: (801) 356-7900, https://nicolitalia.com/


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