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‘Ruby and the Well’ comes to BYUtv

By Francine Brokaw - Herald Correspondent | Feb 23, 2022

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"Ruby and the Well" premieres Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022 on BYUtv.

In the imaginative new series “Ruby and the Well,” a young girl discovers magic and friendship in her new home. The show has so much promise that a second season has already been ordered before the initial episode airs.

Ruby O’Reilly (Zoe Wiesenthal) and her father Daniel (Kristopher Turner) move to a small rural town called Emerald where their ancestral home, Apple Hill, is located on an apple orchard. Daniel’s uncle has just passed away, leaving him the family house.

Ruby is an upbeat young girl and a joy to watch. Wiesenthal brings a freshness to the role as Ruby uncovers magic and mystery about the house and property. On their first day, Ruby discovers the home’s water well is magical.

When she gets to the well, Ruby has visions of others and unfulfilled wishes. She realizes it is up to her to help fulfill those wishes. Along with her new friends, Mina (Lina Sennia) and Sam (Dylan Kingwell), Ruby sets out to uncover the puzzles of the wishes — and make them come true.

One by one, Ruby manages to help the folks in the town, and the languishing community starts to come back to life. This young girl is the last hope for man and she does not disappoint. Ruby is an adorable girl filled with spunk and determination.

It is pure joy to watch Ruby set out to help others without any expectation of reward. She is only in it to help. That’s all.

As Ruby and her friends tend to the unfulfilled wishes, viewers will find this little girl endearing and tenacious. She has heart, love, courage, dedication and one single purpose — to help others. What a fun show this is and viewers will definitely take Ruby and the show to their hearts.

The show is filled with fantasy, fun and family. The relationship between Ruby and her father is strong and their love for each other is deep. This is definitely a show to put on your radar. It premieres Sunday on BYUtv.


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