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Brokaw: ‘Midsomer Murders’ returns on Acorn TV

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Jan 25, 2023

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"Midsomer Murders" is streaming now on Acorn TV.

The mega-popular British drama “Midsomer Murders” is back for its four-episode 23rd season.

Neil Dudgeon returns as DCI John Barnaby with Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter. Fiona Dolman is Sarah Barnaby and Annette Badland is forensic pathologist Fleur Perkins. Over the years, there have been several pathologists and sergeants, as well as two DCI Barnaby’s. The first, Tom Barnaby, was played by John Nettles. Nettles left the show in 2011 and was replaced by his cousin, John.

In this season, the police (namely Barnaby and Winter) tackle puzzles focused on new murders. The sleepy little villages are picturesque, but filled to the brim with crime and Barnaby and Winter are thrust into the milieu while still maintaining their private lives. The comic relief in all of these episodes is DS Winter who, although a dedicated officer, manages to get the short end of the stick when it comes to muddling through mud and being pelted by wet sponges at the local faire.

Solving the crimes is their top priority — even if one of their own is a suspect.

Fans of the popular series have anxiously awaited season 23. Although it’s a short one, viewers who love watching the crime-solving duo tackle murders in the fictional Causton will, nonetheless, enjoy it immensely. Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire in southern England are the actual filming locations for the series.

Season 23 of “Midsomer Murders” streams on Acorn TV. This is an enjoyable show with interesting characters viewers have enjoyed for many years.


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