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Brokaw: ‘JFK: What the Doctors Saw’ a chilling retelling of president’s death

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Nov 29, 2023

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“JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” a new documentary featuring firsthand accounts of the medical professionals who treated the president after his assassination, is now airing on Paramount+.

Nov. 22 was the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. Anyone over the age of 10 knows where he/she was when the news broke. There have been several documentaries hitting the airwaves this month to commemorate the tragedy, and we all know that things were not what we were told.

Over the past 60 years, there have been three major government committees looking into the assassination, yet none of them have been complete. In other words, not everyone involved was interviewed. A new documentary, “JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” has firsthand accounts from the doctors and nurses who were at Parkland Hospital and attended to JFK.

Ten years ago, the doctors gathered together to discuss the event, and in this documentary previously unreleased video of that meeting is shown. Not only that, but there are many experts, besides the doctors, who discuss the discrepancies that show different versions of the incident.

Hundreds, even thousands of books have looked at this event. It has been examined inside and out, but this documentary illuminates several things that have never been released or discussed previously.

First of all, the doctors discount the findings of the “official” autopsy, which was under the control of the government. What they saw and how they treated the president is completely different from what the official findings reported.

Gunshot wounds are not a new thing. It’s simply that with the 24-hour news cycle and social media it seems that there are more shootings than ever. But the doctors at Parkland said they attended five to six gunshot victims daily, so they were very familiar with gunshot wounds. They all insist the wound to the president’s throat was an entrance wound. That would prove there was at least a shooter in front of the presidential limousine.

The doctors also insist a big chunk of the president’s head was blown off, yet the autopsy does not show any missing part of the head, nor does it show any metal fragments in the brain. And, speaking of the brain, it had, apparently, been removed prior to the autopsy then replaced inside the head.

Everything that occurred at the moment of the shooting (or prior) was controlled by the government. And the rushed Warren Commission that released the Warren Commission Report was tasked with the job of proving there was a single gunman and that man was Lee Harvey Oswald.

So, all of the conspiracy theories aside, just the knowledge from the doctors who were in Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital is enough to make the point that things were altered, nothing is what the public has been told and everything was staged from the time the body left the hospital.

The president actually was dead once his brain exploded while in the motorcade, but the doctors did what they could to at least try some things to help JFK even though he was flatlined. They were going to pronounce his death but waited until 1 p.m. for two reasons. First, they wanted to give LBJ (who was worried there was a conspiracy and his life was in danger) time to leave the hospital, and second, Jacqueline Kennedy wanted to wait until the priests had given the Last Rites of the Catholic Church. So, although the “official” time of death is 1 p.m., JFK was dead much earlier.

Forget all the theories you have heard about and listen to what witnesses and those who attended the body had to say. There is no doubt things were not what we were told, and today it is absolutely clear — and proven — that the single-bullet theory and the single-gunman theory are completely wrong.

The seven doctors who discuss the state of the body are interesting and knowledgeable. They were in shock but also knew what they saw. They saw an entrance wound in the neck and a big chunk of the head missing. Listening to them recount their experience is chilling.

Besides this physical evidence they present by way of their own experience with the body, there are other strange things that happened, one being there were two caskets.

To get more information about this tragic event in American history, watch “JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” airing on Paramount+. It’s chilling, emotional and eye opening.


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