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Reba, Schneider bring country roots to Lifetime Christmas movie

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Nov 17, 2021

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Reba McEntire, left, and John Schneider during the Lifetime movie, "Reba McEntire's Christmas in Tune."

“Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune” is part of the new lineup of holiday movies on Lifetime Television this year. McEntire and co-star John Schneider met virtually with the media to talk about their experience with this project.

“John and I had a wonderful time on the movie getting to sing together, act together, and he’s a lot of fun to sing with, and the songs we got to sing were marvelous, some of my favorite songs to get to sing,” the country music star and actress said.

Schneider, also a country musician and established actor, added, “And what was so great about this is we got to sing in the studio, the real studio. Before we filmed, we got to hear all the music and work on the music, and then we got to come to the set and sing that music again. So we really kind of had the opportunity to do everything that in the music world we’d been doing for decades, dare I say it, and it was so wonderful to sing with Reba. I’ve never sung with Reba before, at least she didn’t know. I mean I was singing with her on the radio, but it was so wonderful to be singing with her on the same mic and on the same stage, wonderful to share a stage with [Reba].”

Holiday films and music are staples in life, these days they seem to come on the air earlier and earlier, but that doesn’t bother McEntire. She feels the holidays are a great time to reflect and to share love.

“Music goes a long way with getting everybody in the holiday mood,” McEntire said. “And it’s also given us a chance to reflect on the year that we’ve had, all the wonderful things that have happened and our many blessings, and we remember the reason for the season. So, I love to be a part of television during the Christmas holidays.”

According to the two actors, they were a perfect pair while making the film. They admitted they synched up beautifully, and that shows on screen. They had plenty of fun, and the admiration they have for each other is obvious. However, there were some challenges.

“I think the most challenging thing that all of us can speak for was trying to film a Christmas movie in the heat and humidity of Nashville, Tennessee,” admitted McEntire “That was the hardest part, but we endured. We got through it, and everybody had a wonderful time.”

Schneider saw the chance to bring together his experiences as a singer and actor as an opportunity, not a challenge. “I started doing theater when I was very young, … so when the opportunity came about for me to do this, this is actually the biggest musical production that I’ve ever done on camera. So I very much looked forward to it. It didn’t scare me. It kind of wrapped itself around me like a warm, Christmas blanket, to be honest with you, and to be able to do it with Reba was icing on the cake, absolutely.”

Fans of the two actors/singers should mark their calendars for Nov. 26 when “Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune” premieres on Lifetime.


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