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Brokaw: Maya Rudolph shines in ‘Loot’

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Aug 2, 2022

The new series “Loot” streaming on Apple TV+ has just been renewed for a second season. And it definitely needs one. The finale of season one perfectly set up the dilemma for the next season, so it is a good thing the powers that be listened to the fans and renewed the series.

Billionaire Molly Novak (Maya Rudolph) has it all. She lives in the most expensive mansion in Los Angeles (this particular house was featured on a YouTube show about extravagant houses and is the perfect setting for this series), she owns boats, helicopters, jets and just about anything else imaginable. But when her marriage ends, Molly decides to change her whole life. Well, not exactly her whole life. She does still enjoy all the perks of her huge wealth.

Molly decides to join one of her businesses, which is a charity foundation. She brings a unique aspect to it. Imagine one of the wealthiest women in the world talking to a bunch of homeless women. Well, you get the picture.

While everything she does turns into tabloid fodder, Molly plunges on. She has a good heart and is definitely not someone who lauds her wealth over everyone — at least not intentionally. She means well.

While she inserts herself into the charity foundation that is headed by a stodgy woman (Michaela Jae Rodriguez), her assistant Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster) who has been with her for ages continues to stand by her side and guide her. With her cousin Howard (Ron Funches) working at the office as well as Arthur (Nat Faxon), who is a sweet, sensitive man, the office is on the right track. Well, maybe not. Can Molly really change her outlook on life and money? The world is betting against her, but with a lot of comic relief, it looks as though Molly just might pull it off.

Rudolph is perfect in this role. She is someone who is endearing to viewers even though she takes her billions for granted. Rudolph is adorable in all her scenes.

It is a fun show to watch. It is adorable to see how this super rich woman attempts to become more of an average businesswoman.

“Loot” is now streaming on Apple TV+. Not to be cheesy, but “Loot” is a hoot!


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