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Brokaw: Much to love in Aussie dramedy ‘Darby and Joan’

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Aug 10, 2022

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"Darby and Joan" is streaming now on Acorn TV.

The newest drama — well, dramedy — from Acorn TV stars two veterans in a bright journey as they join forces to unlock a secret. This eight-episode first season (no word yet on whether there will be more seasons) shows some of the unique scenery in the Australian outback. The series was filmed entirely in Queensland, Australia.

Joan Kirkhope (Greta Scacchi) just learned her husband, Ian, was found dead in Australia — while he was supposed to be in Spain. She decides to follow the clues to figure out why he was in Australia, and what he was doing prior to his death.

Along the journey in her comfortable RV, she “accidentally” runs into Jack Darby (Bryan Brown), rendering his automobile useless. Without any transportation, and with his dog Diesel to care for, they join Joan in her RV. After a short time he is all caught up in her mystery.

Joan is a no-nonsense retired nurse who is not afraid to jump into the deep end of a dangerous situation. And Jack is a former homicide detective whose training comes in handy as the two continue their search for answers to Ian’s death.

This is a fun story and the veteran actors are worth watching. Between them they have racked up a hearty list of credits in their impressive careers. Back in 1983 Brown’s performance in the hit mini-series “The Thorn Birds” was impressive. Since then he has continued to work, and many of today’s younger (or mid-life) viewers recognize him from the hit film “Cocktail.” And Scacchi’s career is just as impressive. They are very affable actors and their characters are easy to like.

Other Australian actors appear in the series, which viewers of Acorn TV shows will undoubtedly recognize from other shows. But it is the pairing of Brown and Scacchi that really makes this series as enjoyable as it could be. Fans who had a crush on Brown through the years will not be disappointed. He truly aged like a fine wine.

Two new episodes will drop weekly through Aug. 29 on Acorn TV. AMC Networks’ Acorn TV is North America’s largest streaming service specializing in premium British and international television with commercial-free mysteries, dramas and comedies.


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