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Brokaw: The Queen and her family — to watch or read

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Jan 5, 2022

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"The Queen in Her Own Words" is streaming now.

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year — her 70th year as ruling monarch. For many of us, she has been the Queen for all of our lives. True Royalty TV has a fascinating documentary showing how speeches made throughout her life have shaped her reign.

“The Queen in Her Own Words” celebrates the life of Queen Elizabeth II by looking at how her speeches are crafted and how she delivers them as an insight into the internationally recognized figure.

When she turned 21 years old, she gave an enduring speech that was her dedication to the “great imperial family to which we all belong.” She has never wavered from that commitment, and throughout her life has put the crown before anything else. Like any sweeping commitment, there were times it caused contention within her family.

When Princess Diana died in 1997, the Queen elected to stay in Scotland to tend to her grandchildren who had just lost their mother. The people, however, did not see it that way and wanted to see and hear from their Queen. The public was in an uproar over this and the country, indeed the world, had misgivings about not hearing from the Queen. When she finally did relent and speak to the public in an easing speech, the mood of the people turned immediately. That is the effect she has.

This collection of speeches act as a masterclass on Queen Elizabeth. She is an amazing woman who has seen and experienced many upheavals in her reign. Yet, she continues on and is a beacon of consistency and hope for the people of the Commonwealth. Her 2021 Christmas speech was the highest rated show on British TV.

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"Royal Trivia" by Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito.

“The Queen in Her Own Words” is now available to stream on True Royalty TV.

With the world focused on the Platinum Jubilee, more and more interest is generated in not only Queen Elizabeth, but also the wider family. It is no secret that there have been tumultuous situations that have rocked the family and the monarchy. The most recent turmoil playing out in the United States through Harry and his wife, actress Meghan Markle.

Many people think they know a lot about the members of the British royal family. Well, it is time to put that presumed knowledge to the test. The new book “Royal Trivia: Your Guide to the Modern British Royal Family” is filled with facts about the family.

Do you know what profession Diana wanted to pursue? What was the name of Elizabeth’s first horse? Why did the Queen stop wearing the Imperial State Crown in 2016? Fact check segments of “The Crown,” the fictitious series based on the royal family. If you are interested in these little tidbits, check out the book.

There is no doubt that interest in the royal family will be at its height this year. Between the antics of the former royals and the allegations facing Prince Andrew, there is plenty weighing on the 95 year-old monarch. Yet, she manages to carry on and carry through. After all, she publicly declared her whole life would be dedicated to her job. For more information about the British royals and royals around the world, check out True Royalty TV.


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