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Brokaw: Justin Hartley stars in the new drama ‘Tracker’

By Francine Brokaw - Special to the Daily Herald | Feb 7, 2024

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“Tracker” starring Justin Hartley premieres Sunday on CBS.

The new CBS drama “Tracker” follows Colter Shaw (Justin Hartley) as he travels around the country looking for missing people while at the same time struggling with ghosts from his past. This is a man for hire and a survivalist who can take care of himself in the wild, which is where he sometimes finds himself.

Colter is sort of a bounty hunter, in many ways. He finds people for the reward money. That is how he makes his living. And these people are grateful for his abilities to put things together, follow his instincts and trek deep into dangerous territory. What makes him special is his empathy for those he tracks. In the first episode, he finds a lost hiker who has taken a big spill and cannot get out of the area to safety, or even stand up. This is Colter’s introduction to the viewers and his soft-speaking, caring attitude will be what endears him to those watching the show.

After that successful rescue Colter’s next job is to find a missing teen who was abducted by his biological father. The thing is, Colter tracks down evidence that shows it was not the father who abducted the boy. He has useful assistants who help with technology and also give him some assistance with the law.

Colter is a soft-spoken, seemingly gentle man. He never takes money up front. The monetary reward is the binding contract between him and his clients and he only gets the money once the job is completed. His skills are amazing. He is a survivalist in his own right and uses all his knowledge, as well as his instincts, to help private citizens, along with law enforcement, solve different crimes and mysteries. The bottom line is, he does care about those he helps but he also cares about the financial rewards. After all, that is the way he makes his living. And in the end, he can feel good about his job — as well as the dollars that have been added to his bank account.

Justin Hartley is known to TV viewers from the long-running hit series “This is Us” that ran from 2016-2022 in which he played Kevin Pearson. As Colter Shaw, he brings another interesting character to television viewers.

“Tracker” premieres Sunday on CBS and is available on the CBS app. The show streams on Paramount+ (the day after airing).


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