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Family-friendly Las Vegas

By Michele Bates daily Herald - | Jul 13, 2014
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Caesars Palace is a wonderful, family-friendly location for both activities and lodging in Las Vegas.  

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Believe it or not, there are amazingly fun activities the entire family can enjoy while staying in Las Vegas. 

Having grown up in Las Vegas, I often find it amazing that people in Utah Valley don’t consider that city a family vacation destination.

Let’s face it … Vegas has world-class restaurants, some of the greatest shows and concerts on Earth, more all-you-can-eat buffets than you can imagine, and all of it at dirt cheap prices! For a valley that loves deals as much as us, Vegas couldn’t be a better fit.

However, the “Sin City’s” reputation of the land of lights keeps a lot of families from booking a trip.

Knowing how fun and family-friendly Vegas can actually be, I felt it was my duty to provide readers with some tips, suggested destinations, and hints to make Las Vegas a worry-free travel opportunity.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to say in Vegas: It can be very appropriately shared on Facebook if you follow my advice. 

The right hotel

Stay at a known family-friendly hotel. We stayed at New York New York, which was chock-full of families and had an incredible amount to do right at the hotel: Amazing pools, arcades, shopping and cool restaurants like the ESPN Zone.

Other great resorts include The Excalibur, MGM Grand with its amusement park, Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, Mirage and Paris Las Vegas.

Find coupons

Research for coupons and deals. Great websites like Lasvegas.com have deals on almost every hotel, show and attraction in Vegas.

Off The Strip

Spend one day outside. Nevada is beautiful! There is Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston all close by. They’re free and fun. There are also four-wheel daytime adventures, motorcycle rentals, adventure hikes and rock climbing tours. If you like the outdoors, don’t miss the chance to see the unique landscape of the Nevada desert.

Hard Rock Café

I know there is one of these in almost every city, but not like this one! The Hard Rock Café, located just off Las Vegas Boulevard, has a ginormous touchscreen museum of all their memorabilia from all over the world, and it is a kids’ paradise: games, concert footage, a giant piano and all at the touch of your fingertips across the whole face of the wall. An amazing experience at a restaurant with a kids’ menu, and tables with mini touchscreens too.

Ceasars Palace

With the Forum Shops, pools that are free to the public (no need to stay in their hotel to enjoy the eight incredible outdoor pools), and restaurants like Serendipity right next door (famous for ice cream sundaes bigger than Alaska) how can you not go?

You can spend all day at Ceasars without even walking through the casino. The Forum Shops have two animated statue shows that play throughout the day and one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world. And it’s all for free.

Catch a show

There are magicians, musicians and acrobats galore. Whatever your flavor, Las Vegas has it! We saw the Lance Burton Magic Show (where he invited kids from the audience to come on stage) and the Elvis Cirque Du Soleil, one of a few family-friendly Cirque shows in Las Vegas.

Helicopter rides

They have very reasonably priced (especially with a coupon) helicopter rides over the Vegas nighttime skyline that are incredibly fun for kids and adults alike. The Strip is beautiful at night and the added historical commentary is fascinating.

Crazy museums, wild roller coasters

Vegas offers some of the best in “weird” and “wacky.” Roller coasters that scale the side of skyscrapers, giant balloons that sweep over The Strip at night, museums dedicated to Liberace and wax figures of every movie maven in history. They are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and there is something for every member of your family.

Hints to staying on the ‘Straight and Narrow'

Be direct

Don’t aimlessly walk on the strip. Drive to each location and walk directly in. This will help you avoid accidentally entering a place that’s not for kids.

No, thanks

Don’t take handouts or flyers from anyone! They won’t have coupons for things you want to go to …

Eyes front

Don’t spend any time looking at billboards, tops of taxi cabs, building signs, etc. You never know what they are promoting.


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