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Can’t Touch This: Create your own cactus decor

By Staff | Apr 10, 2018

There’s a perfectly prickly trend happening these days. While we’ve been gushing over succulents over the past few years, now the more sticky, prickly version is becoming very haute in everything from home decor to clothing. Those saguaro, prickly pear, Joshua tree and pincushion cacti are popping on on everything from neon lights to salt and pepper shakers to button-down blouses to watercolor paintings and much more.

If you’ve fallen in love with these bright green, pokey plants, there are dozens of DIY ideas you can do to incorporate them into your home and wardrobe. Here are three of my favorites that range from plush and cuddly to fun and functional. For even more cactus decorating ideas, be sure to visit our Design on a Dime page on Pinterest.


Believe if or not, a beautifully prickly cactus can make your bedroom even more warm and inviting, even snuggly! With beautiful watercolor images of flowering cacti, crocheted, stuffed cactus plants, clever cactus string art, an adorable poofy cactus stool for a children’s bedroom and mini cactus felt ornaments strung together in a fun swag, that bedroom can be your own desert oasis.

Want to adorn your bed in cactus-themed bedding? Create your own desert garden by making a batch of cactus throw pillows to pile on your bed. Cut out simple cactus shapes in either felt, flannel, fleece or your favorite cotton. Find fabric with a cactus pattern for even more whimsical fun. Stuff the pillows and for a little extra fun, thread yarn or thread through the fabric to create “spines.”


The bright greens and pinks of desert cactus plants in bloom prove a perfect theme for a sunny kitchen. Cacti are appearing in kitchens in the form of cookie jars, dishes, salt and pepper shakers, planters and much, much more. Tablescapes and centerpieces are even more prickly perfect when adorned with vases filled with a variety of cactus and succulent plants.

If your thumb is less than green, but you still want a pot filled with cactus plants, you can create your own garden of cacti out of painted rocks. Find a collection of smooth rocks in various sizes and round shapes. Paint in a variety of green shades, add spines in white paint and let dry. Fill a terra cotta pot or planter of your choice with small gravel and then arrange the cactus rocks to best resemble that desert landscape.


The saguaro cactus can be found on all sorts of T-shirts paired with a variety of snarky, fun sayings like “Can’t touch this.” You can also find cacti on Bermuda shorts, kimonos, skirts and even sneakers. This new Southwest trend is easy to come by in stores, but you can also make your own on-trend clothes, too.

Dress up a plain T-shirt by adding a pocket of cactus-printed fabric. Applique a flowering cactus to your baby’s onesie for an adorable look. Or you can grab some fabric paint and make your own Southwest pattern by creating your own cactus design. Take a new pair of white tennis shoes, too, and paint on a desert landscape for the perfect pair of kicks.


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