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Getting around to creative nursery mobile ideas

By Jennifer Durrant special To The Daily Herald - | Feb 24, 2021

The countdown continues until the Durrant twin boys are born, so naturally, I’ve been seeking out all sorts of fun ideas for making their nursery as adorable and functional as possible — while also keeping things on a budget.

I’ve been immersed in all adorable nursery design ideas for wall hangings, murals, book shelves, throw rugs, play houses and even crib mobiles.

I’m completely enamored with the countless DIY ideas for adorable mobiles. There are so many ideas for these artistic hangings, everything from simple designs made with paper to more elaborate designs made from felt and fabric. It’s time to create a couple of designs perfect for entertaining these two boys.

I just had to share a few of my favorite ideas. For more, log on to our Nursery Dècor Ideas board on Pinterest.

Paper and paint

That pile of scrapbook paper, tissue paper and even paint swatches can all be transformed into beautiful hanging displays perfect to catch and entertain any cooing baby. Paint swatches, with a cute heart-shaped paper punch, can produce a subtle or even bright ombre effect. Since newborns really only see in black, white and gray, even simple shapes cut out in black and white paper can prove entertaining for babies.

As the babies get older, brightly patterned scrapbook paper cut into circles can bring a patterned pop to the room. Even simple pieces of colored paper, with some artistic origami folding can create bird or even elephant masterpieces. Images of animals, pets or even family members, printed on card stock can also be a fun, easy mobile idea.

Ribbons and yarn

Looking for a mobile that is simple and requires little craft talent? Try creating a mobile made out of colorful ribbon tassels. Or knot various types of ribbon around a cross-stitch hoop for a lovely waterfall effect. Yarn, too, can be transformed into a number of colorful pompoms, or if you are talented with a crochet hook, try making your own little counting sheep to hang over baby’s bed.

With my nursery leaning toward an outdoor theme, I love the idea of creating a traditional dreamcatcher, but inverting it and attaching a variety of eye-catching items. Feathers in different colors and sizes hanging from the dreamcatcher would be stunning. Ribbons hanging from an embroidery hoop, adorned with lightweight wooden acorns, too, would be a perfect complement to a mountain-themed nursery.

Felt and fabric

If you are even mildly talented with a sewing machine, or even a needle and thread, you could easily make the most adorable stuffed animals and other objects out of felt. Woodland critters, adorable owls, sea creatures, elephants and giraffes and even puffy clouds, squishy hearts and flying airplanes all make great mobiles for your themed nursery. You could even cut up circles of felt and make them into beautiful rosebuds for your baby girl.

One of my favorite designs for an ocean — or nautical-themed nursery — is a hoop adorned with adorable sea creatures of all sorts. For instance, you could go with a crustacean theme with cute crabs, lobsters and shrimp. Or you could opt for beautiful jelly fish, sea horses and starfish. Fish in a rainbow of colors and styles, too, would be a great mobile.

– Jennifer Durrant


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