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Mayors of Utah Valley: A decade of growth

By Jim Miller - Saratoga Springs mayor | Sep 18, 2021

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Jim Miller

Our beautiful mountain and lakefront community of Saratoga Springs is continuing to grow in a proactive manner to balance residential growth, attract commercial businesses and provide enhanced public amenities and recreational programs. This is evident by the most recent census data which shows that over the last ten years our population has grown to 37,696.

As we progress forward, Saratoga Springs is working with commercial developers and brokers to tell our story and demonstrate the unique dynamic of our city and the surrounding region. Our ability to tell this story played a significant role in Costco’s completion last year and the development of the surrounding support retail. Olive Garden, Dutch Bros and Apollo Burger to name a few will be part of our community soon.

Since the announcement of Costco, a wide variety of businesses have reached out to the city and local developers about opening new locations in our area. These include everything from new office buildings and spaces, additional big-box stores to mid-box stores, fast-casual dining to sit-down restaurants, and hotels, family entertainment, dance schools, medical services and more.

This growth is continuing to attract developments such as medical campuses such Intermountain Healthcare medical campus that will break ground at the corner of Pioneer Crossing and Crossroads Boulevard this fall. The initial phase of this exciting project will include a free-standing emergency room and a same day surgical center. The Saratoga Springs temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to move forward to completion.

During the last year, multiple transportation improvements in Saratoga Springs were also completed. These improvements include the widening of Redwood Road and the Continuous Flow Intersection at Redwood Road and Pioneer Crossing. Both of these projects have provided great relief to east-west congestion as well as north-south traffic through the City of Saratoga Springs, and were the result of many years of planning.

The city has worked with MAG to secure funding to extend Foothill Blvd. south from Pony Express Parkway to Lariat Blvd. Extending this north-south connection that will parallel Redwood Road and will allow residents to travel throughout the city. The extension of Pony Express east to Saratoga Road is currently under construction. This extension will allow eastbound traffic to continue on Pony Express farther to alleviate congestion on Redwood Road and Pioneer Crossing.

So, what does all of this growth and infrastructure mean for economic development in Saratoga Springs? It means more retailers and commercial developers are turning their eyes to Saratoga Springs. It is the result of the city proactively cultivating an incredible synergy that businesses are expanding and thriving on.

Most importantly, it means that our residents will continue to find great places to work, go out to eat, have fun with their families, and enjoy the amazing quality of life in our community.

As we like to say in Saratoga Springs, “Life’s just better here!”


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