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City chooses safety over adhering to master plan

By Laura Giles - Correspondent - | Oct 6, 2012

The Pleasant Grove City Council chose safety of children over the city’s master plan this week. Members of the council said no to a chance at purchasing property that would enable them to build a planned road in the future.

The future road connection of 800 North to 100 East is part of the street master plan. A necessary piece of property for this plan became available for $27,000. The road would run directly across from Pleasant Grove Junior High School.

City engineer Degen Lewis said the road would give residents an easier connection to 100 East. It also would be a benefit because 800 North would run almost straight through to American Fork, he said.

However, PTSA president Jennifer Baptista urged council members to consider the students at the junior high and the impact the additional road would have in an already congested area.

“Please consider the safety of the children,” Baptista said.

Baptista said if a light were put in at the new intersection, safety may improve. However, there is no guarantee that UDOT would install a light, as there is one just three blocks away at the intersection of 1100 North and 100 East.

Neighbors from the area commented, saying the road does not make sense, even if it is in the master plan. They also voiced their concerns for the safety of the junior high students.

Council members didn’t immediately agree, pointing out, as Councilman Jay Meacham did, that citizens asked for that road on the master plan during public hearings on the matter. The issue then became whether the master plan needed to be changed, Councilwoman Cindy Boyd said, adding that probably less than 1 percent of the population even knew that the plan was changed in 2009.

“I think we need to re-address the street master plan,” she said.

In the end, all members of the council voted against the purchase of the property and added that they would like to further discuss the master plan.

“Safety is our first and foremost concern,” Councilman Cyd LeMone said.


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