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Accidental shooting on UVU campus leaves one student injured

By Genelle Pugmire daily Herald - | May 5, 2015

OREM — A gun safety class at Utah Valley University certainly had a fresh situation to discuss Monday night.

Two police academy training cadets on their way to the class were involved in an accidental shooting, leaving one of the cadets with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to Melinda Colton, UVU spokeswoman, the incident occurred at approximately 5:20 p.m. It was reported there had been an accidental discharge of a firearm at the Education building on the north end of the campus.

UVU police turned over the investigation to the Orem Police Department.

According to Lt. Craig Martinez with Orem police, one of the cadets was showing off a new handgun to another cadet. The handgun did not have a clip in it, and the cadet holding the gun was taking it apart.

“The trigger has to be pressed to take the gun apart,” Martinez said. “The cadet didn’t know there was a round in the gun.”

The bullet grazed the other cadet’s chest. The injured cadet was treated by fellow cadets until medical personnel arrived on the scene.

The cadet is scheduled to undergo minor surgery today at a local hospital.

“I am sure the [gun safety] class was angled a little differently last night,” Martinez said. “This was strictly an accident.”

Martinez stressed there is no ammunition in the guns used in the class.

“The academy has been having classes at UVU for over 20 years. There has never been an accident in those classes until [Monday],” Martinez said.

Orem police are continuing to investigate the accident. It hasn’t been decided whether the cadet with the handgun will face any charges.

“While accidental in nature, this is clearly disconcerting to us — the safety of our students is our top priority and concern,” said Chris Taylor, director of public relations for UVU.

“If the investigation yields information that could make the program safer, we are committed to precisely that. Both students are doing well, and we wish them both a speedy recovery.”

Colton added school is not in regular session and is on break until next week.


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