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Talkback Tuesday: Dec. 17

By Staff | Dec 17, 2019

Herald editorial: Supporting Ainge’s 69% county property tax increase proposal is a no-brainer (Dec. 15)

I’ll support a 69% rise in taxes when my Social Security benefits go up that much. — P Jones

Is it because the folks in lower income strata don’t donate as much as their better-off neighbors that politicians seem to favor the latter group? Is it because it takes some degree of personal financial security that our elected officials are blind to the challenges of the poor(er) populace?

For whatever reason, our local elected officials–as well as those in D.C.–keep coming up with “solutions” which place a greater burden on those who can least handle the additional “straws.” Sure, the county needs more money and there are some formulas in place they must adhere to when trying to raise revenue (i.e.-taxes.) I’ve read several comments on this site from people who seem to be having a hard time with the new sales tax rules and ANY increase in their property taxes. Are these folks just collateral damage?

I am wondering what passes through the minds of these legislators and officials when they raise taxes. Sure, it’s complicated. An older couple on a fixed income lives in the house they have already paid off over 30 years of ownership and yet despite having $300,000+ of equity they have limited disposable income.

Compare them to the couple who bought the house next door, has a $300,000 mortgage, 2 car loans, plenty of additional expenses due to their growing family, and while they have a good income on paper, they don’t have much cash left over at the end of the month, either. Raising taxes is perceived as a strain on both families, even though one has a net worth of $300k+ and the other might have zero net worth. Complicated. Maybe too complicated to solve or make allowances due to people’s perceptions about wealth and financial well-being. — c00kster

Utah County Board of Health considering vaping resolution (Dec. 12)

Vaping is not safe, yet much safer than smoking. As long as cigarettes are sold vaping should be available as an alternate and has had success in helping people quit cigarettes. On one’s own about 7% can quit. Those becoming ill or dying of vaping have had their vaping delivery system adulterated by adding chemicals not installed by the manufacturer. — CastYard

Orem council gives final vote on rental license and utility bill changes (Dec. 11)

Typical city politicians who want to better the community, but will illegally collect rental fees until someone gets mad enough to set it straight. Rental fees must be commensurate to the service received. Must be put is a separate account and can only be used for the purpose that it’s collected. More than likely, the city will put this fee in the general funds to benefit everyone in the city. When that happens it turns the mandatory fee into an unauthorized unconstitutional tax. Look at many federal lawsuits over the same issue that the city has had to refund the collected fee/tax. Pund v. City of Bedford, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 118809 — NextUP

LDS Church announces site for Orem temple (Dec. 11)

That area wasn’t even on my radar. Good location with great freeway access. And it will create a beautiful entrance into Orem as northbound freeway traffic approaches the University Pkwy exit. — fuddy duddy


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