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Talkback Tuesday: Dec. 24

By Staff | Dec 24, 2019

Losing the faith: BYU students undergoing faith crises torn between leaving university or staying quiet (Dec. 22)

Why do we never read or see stories on students keeping the faith? News bias, in my opinion this story is an over blown report on a very small percentage of students. It does not warrant front page news. But if six students protest, the news will report it and ignore the 30,000+ who did not. MSM! — Lucinda Halter

Utah County residents worry statewide 277% grocery tax increase will hurt middle, low-income families (Dec. 20)

It is a regressive tax, designed to impact the poor. Too bad lawmakers are so selfish, none of them fall into the poor category. if lawmakers wanted to help the poor, they would implement progressive taxes, where the wealthy pay proportionally more taxes. — Talon Jensen

Utah County Board of Health approves vaping resolution (Dec. 19)

They’re punishing responsible people that vape rather than smoke cigs and don’t enable kids. This makes no sense, the same thing that happens with cigs is whats happening here — adults are buying these products for them, how are they solving that problem with this or any new proposal? Charging more tax is just political greed, it doesn’t solve anything, didn’t do anything for underage cig smokers dunno why they think it will here. They are strictly targeting vape because of the THC/blackmarket illnesses. Maybe parents just need to keep a closer eye on who their kids are hanging out with and what their kids are doing. — Aixa

Utah lawmaker wants to give cities the ability to impose rent control (Dec. 20)

It is not the role of Government, even at the local level to control everything in our lives. Imposing rent control will have more negative results than any positive. Let the free market work, the way it is supposed to. If people want to charge more money for rent then is reasonable, let them. If they can’t get any renters, then they will have to lower their price. Stop heavy handed, big controlling government! — Rex Harris

17-year-old graduates from BYU (Dec. 19)

I have had many interactions with Spencer through the years, and only have good things to say about him. Awesome kid. I am not surprised to see him achieve this in the least. — Frank Okaga

Aspen Grove, Stewart Falls trailhead structures vandalized (Dec. 17)

This is sad, and so expensive to repair, we all end up paying for this. Hopefully someone will do the right thing and turn these humans in so they can be prosecuted. — Utah_Happyman


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