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Two people arrested for beating minor in American Fork Canyon, connected to Orem shooting

By Ashley Stilson Daily Herald - | Sep 16, 2019
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Cameron Deragon

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Annamarie Pinegar

Last week, officers arrested a man and woman who lured and attacked a minor in American Fork Canyon because they were upset he owed them an alleged debt.

Cameron Deragon, 19, and Annamarie Pinegar, 18, were booked into the Utah County Jail under investigation of several charges including aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault, all first-degree felonies.

According to a police report, Deragon and Pinegar were angry at an individual who is under the age of 18 and set up a meeting with him in American Fork Canyon on Friday.

Pinegar reportedly picked up the minor and drove to the arranged meeting place. After arriving, Deragon opened the passenger door, pointed a handgun at the person and told him to get out of the vehicle.

“The victim got out of the car and he was attacked by the four males,” police reported. “The victim fell to the ground and tried to protect himself but the assault continued while he was on the ground.”

The men took the person’s hoodie and shirt along with his cellphone and shoes, according to the report. The assault reportedly stopped after the minor provided the men with his cellphone password.

“The victim received multiple abrasions and bruises to his head, arms, and back from the attack,” the report stated, and Pinegar allegedly drove the person back to his residence.

Investigators received the assault report and Pinegar reportedly said Deragon was planning on paying her $100 for luring the individual to the canyon and giving him a ride.

Meanwhile, officers in Lehi stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. One of the occupants was identified as Deragon, and officers detained him and another passenger due to the smell of marijuana in the vehicle.

During an interview with an officer, Deragon reportedly claimed the marijuana was his own and did not intend to distribute the drugs despite the fact they were individually wrapped.

Investigators in American Fork also determined Deragon was wearing the shoes that belonged to the person attacked earlier that morning and had the individual’s cellphone.

“The victim was able to identify Cameron as the male with the gun who pointed it at him but was unable to identify the rest of the males,” police reported.

Deragon is also a suspect in an attempted robbery near an Orem apartment complex last month where several shots were fired. Four people have already been arrested and charged in connection with the attempted robbery.

Charging documents state Cameron Todhunter, 18, of Salem, planned to rob Deragon, a fellow drug dealer, of his drugs at Promenade Place Apartments in Orem on Aug. 29.

Todhunter’s girlfriend, Celeste Pickering, reportedly drove to the parking garage with Brayhan Maya riding passenger and her 2-year-old child in the backseat.

“Once all the parties showed up for the drug deal, things went predictably south in a hurry,” police reported. “When the car arrived, the group was not just waiting to see how the occupants of the car responded, but did go at them in a very aggressive manner, surrounding the car, opening the car doors, and yelling at occupants.”

After being intimidated by Deragon and five other people, Maya reportedly fired at least three shots at the group. One person in the group, Nicholas Jordan, reportedly fired one shot at the vehicle as Pickering drove away from the parking garage.

“After the shooting, Pickering drove Maya away from the scene, across some railroad tracks to a location where Maya threw the gun into Utah Lake’s marshy shore,” according to charges.

Deragon and Jordan both reportedly lived at the apartment complex, and investigators found Jordan’s handgun and a bag of marijuana hidden inside one of the apartments.

Court records show Todhunter and Maya were both on probation with Youth Correction. Jordan was on felony probation for possession of a dangerous weapon and had two active warrants at the time of his arrest.

“(Jordan) stated that he was walking through the apartment complex parking lot and his roommate (Cameron Deragon) asked him to help him, that he wanted him to help as protection and as intimidation during the drug deal,” police reported.

Deragon is being held at the Utah County Jail on a $100,000 bail. Pinegar and Maya are in custody for a $50,000 bail while Todhunter and Jordan are being held without bail.


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