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Red Cross hosts Giving Tuesday campaign, asks residents to leap into season of giving

By Genelle Pugmire daily Herald - | Nov 30, 2020
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Ned Jensen, of Alpine, finishes giving blood at the American Red Cross Donation Center in Orem on Thursday, May 14, 2020. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

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Christie Denison sanitizes a blood pressure cuff after a community member donated blood at the American Red Cross Donation Center in Orem on Thursday, May 14, 2020. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

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A bandage remains secured on Ned Jensen, of Alpine, after he donated blood at the American Red Cross Donation Center in Orem on Thursday, May 14, 2020. The Red Cross and Intermountain Healthcare both say there's a severe blood shortage happening right now, and they're calling on Utahns to help. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

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The Red Cross is offering safety tips during this wildfire season in Utah.

While Utah County residents have gone through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, the Red Cross is now asking people to step into the season of giving with Giving Tuesday.

“The theme of the Red Cross Holiday Campaign is ‘Give Something that Means Something’ theme, as well as the tagline, ‘Your Donation Brings Comfort and Hope’ to further emphasize the true meaning of the holiday season and impact of each gift,” said Rich Woodruff, Regional Director of Communications in Utah and Nevada.

Now, in its 12th year, the organization-wide holiday campaign continues to be the focus for December.

The Red Cross is offering ideas for people to give and help families that face emergencies such as house fires, medical emergencies and more.

Giving Tuesday begins on Dec. 2 and will continue throughout the holiday season, helping people in need by donating at redcross.org/gift. A gift of any size makes a difference.

“If you’re healthy and feeling well, we also urge you to donate blood this holiday season,” Woodruff said. “Your blood donation can make a lifesaving difference for a patient in need.”

Residents can visit RedCrossBlood.org to schedule an appointment today. Finally, residents might consider volunteering to help their neighbors in need.

Woodruff listed some specific ways the public can help:

Disaster relief”Disasters haven’t stopped during the coronavirus pandemic, and another relentless disaster year shows why people still need support every day,” Woodruff said. “Donate to help provide necessities like emergency shelter, hot meals and blankets for families in need.”

For example, a gift of $50 can deliver hot meals for five people or provide blankets for 10 people after a disaster in the U.S.

Or a larger donation of $100 can provide a family of two with a full day’s worth of emergency shelter with meals, snacks, blankets, cots and hygiene supplies.

International servicesFor people whose lives are upended by disasters and humanitarian crises around the world, provide aid by making a donation.

A gift of $125 can provide a family of five with hygiene supplies, blankets, tarps and water containers — plus a kitchen set, crank-powered combination lamp, radio and cellphone charger — in the aftermath of an international disaster.

Service to the armed forces “The Red Cross has proudly served military families and veterans for nearly 140 years. Donate to support them as they navigate the unique challenges of military life — all on top of the coronavirus pandemic, Woodruff encouraged.

Across the country, veterans rely on the Red Cross for support as they transition into civilian life. A donation of $50 can help connect veterans and their families to critical community services, such as food, housing, mental health support and rehabilitation.

Red Cross volunteers also support service members in military hospitals. A larger donation of $145 can provide hospital kits, filled with toiletries and other essentials, for 20 service men and women.

Woodruff also wants the public to know that 2020 has been hard with not just COVID-19 but added to the families and individuals need support coping with life’s crises on top of the pandemic.

Cash donations can help these people get the extra help they need as the pandemic continues.

To donate, give gifts or for more information, interested parties can visit redcross.org/gift.


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