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Letter: Providence smiles bright on Darren Parry

By Staff | Oct 28, 2020

Providence smiles bright on Darren Parry

I hate politics! I vote Independent. No party lines — just for who I believe will do the best job. Politicians make a lot of promises, yet so often we feel abandoned on the side of the road.

Republicans say they can straighten things out. Democrats say they can do better. It would be great if they wouldn’t be afraid to step over the line, put their good ideas together, and take advantage of knowledge and ideas from both sides and darn it … do what’s right!

There is one person running for office who believes people should work together. That person is Darren Parry. He is a “bridge builder.” He’s also an advocate for people who are underprivileged. He wants quality education available for everyone. He cares about our environment and land use. Check out his Facebook (Darrenparryforcongress) to learn what he stands for and the accomplishments he’s made personally and for Utah.

I didn’t know Darren from years past, but he’s become a family friend, and we know who he is today. He is a man of true integrity.

A vote for Darren Parry for U.S. House Representative District 1 is what’s good for Utah and for our country.

– Carol Foht, Providence


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