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Letter: The answer this election is clear

By Staff | Oct 28, 2020

The answer this election is clear

Do you feel that to “Make America Great Again” requires the suppression of minorities, eliminating Obamacare, the use of fear and hate to divide the nation, support for the NRA and armed militia, dismissing allies, rejecting science, halting environmental regulations, an all-powefrul president, a state directed virus response, inequality for women, and ignoring climate change? If so, by all means vote for Donald Trump.

But if you feel “Taking America Forward” demands equality for minorities, improving Obamacare, trust and tolerance, a more united America, universal background checks, real family values, good relations with allies, clean air and water, endorsing science, three co-equal branches of government, a federal program to attack the virus, equal rights for women, and a federal agency to address climate change — then be sure to vote for Joe Biden.

Bottom line, what is good For America? The answer is clear.

– Ron Molen, Salt Lake City


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