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Letter: Cancel culture invades Utah

By Staff | Jun 25, 2021

Cancel culture invades Utah

The state of Utah needs to get a backbone and stand up to the cancel culture that is sweeping the nation and is creeping into Utah. Outside forces have moved into Utah and are asking the state to rewrite it’s history to reflect their history. Renaming Dixie State University is one such action precipitated by the cancel culture.

The state needs to support and honor Dixie State University’s unique Mormon history naming of the university and surrounding communities using the Dixie name in schools, over 100 businesses, roads and four Dixie National Forests.

The name that is being recommended is a generic name that is insulting to the intelligence of southern Utah citizens. The powers that be say that the name change is needed for recruitment of students. That is a cop-out.

– Woneva Myers, Lehi


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