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Mayors of Utah Valley: Fall ushers physical, spiritual beauty to Spanish Fork

By Steve Leifson - Spanish Fork | Oct 16, 2021

Spanish Fork elected officials pose for a photo.

Change is definitely in the air. From the turning of the leaves to the snow we received in areas of the county this last week, this time of year brings change. For many cities, change will also be happening with new elected officials or new terms for those serving.

It is such a blessing to have the freedom to elect men and women to represent us at so many different levels. For me, the most important level is that of our own local governments, our mayors and city councils. I would also wager that your voice matters the most in municipal elections.

Not running for office this year is also a change for me. I ran a campaign in the last four elections and I know the amount of work it takes to knock on doors, participate in roundtables and try to connect with voters. I also know that those running for office are more than happy to talk about the issues facing our cities. If you want to know about the candidates and what they stand for, just ask!

I applaud those who threw their hats in the ring for elected office. In Spanish Fork, we had 11 people on the primary election ballot for city council! This is a testament to me that people want to be involved in the great things we have going on here.

We now have the chance to choose those who will make decisions for our cities. Please vote — and vote early. If you aren’t registered yet, I urge you to do so and exercise one of the greatest rights we have, the right to vote.

I think the future is bright for Spanish Fork and throughout Utah County, and we get to choose who leads us into the future. Progress only comes with change and change is all around.


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