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CASFB: The power of service — Nu Skin feeds 1,200 households with holiday bags

By Tom Hogan - Special to the Daily Herald | Jan 21, 2023

Courtesy Tom Hogan

Tom Hogan is the associate director of Community Action Services and Food Bank.

In 2021, 11.6% of the US population suffered from poverty. Utah isn’t spared — poverty affects those in our very own community, with 8.6% of the state’s population falling under the poverty line in 2021.

Luckily, there are several ways we can help those in need yearlong. For example, corporate events, sponsorships and donations can make a dramatic difference in the community. These combined efforts are beneficial to the families and individuals who need our assistance. Read on to learn more about how organizations can make an impact in their local communities and an example of one that made a difference this last holiday season.

What can organizations do to make an impact in the local community?

Organizations can impact their local community when they get in touch with groups like Community Services & Food Bank (CASFB)

Often, CASFB helps corporations answer the question, “What is the impact we can make?” They provide several ideas to help an organization make a needed impact in the community. CASFB also enjoys when an organization comes up with a few of their own ideas so they can then tweak the event. Some activities CASFB has already completed include food drives, holiday bags, hygiene kits (500 kits in one day) and collecting monetary donations.

When an organization decides on a service event through CASFB, they can encourage employee involvement through competitions. For example, if an organization has multiple locations and wants to do an interdepartmental or location competition by pounds of food, cages can be put in each location and they can make it an employee/client decision. 

Courtesy photo

Volunteers build holiday meal bags at the Nu Skin headquarters in Provo on Dec. 13, 2022.

Another option to encourage employee involvement is communication. The organization can create a campaign and inform their employees, getting them involved in sharing the communication. By ensuring an organization’s employees are involved, an organization can impact the local community at an even greater rate.

Nu Skin feeds 1,200 households during the holiday season

Nu Skin recognized there was a need in their community and chose to contact CASFB to help them plan an event. On Dec. 13 at 75 W. Center Street in Provo, Nu Skin and CASFB were able to accomplish something they might not have been able to alone — and they saw amazing results: the creation of 1,200 holiday bags, for a total of 17,000 pounds of food.

The entire event was completed within an hour and a half, thanks in large part to the efficient use of assembly lines. Employees started with a bag and moved down the line, filling each bag with specific items (e.g., ham or turkey, vegetables, items to make a pie, etc.) and finishing it with a handwritten message inside a holiday card. Many individuals went back through the line to fill additional bags. 

None of this would have been possible without the buy-in of Nu Skin’s employees. To incentivize involvement in the event, Nu Skin awarded a lottery ticket for every bag an employee packed and an additional lottery ticket per item they personally provided (e.g., a pallet of canned food or a package of Hamburger Helper). Regardless of Nu Skin’s incentive, though, many employees were motivated to come simply because they wanted to help their community. 

Working with CASFB, Nu Skin donated funds to help purchase the majority of the food, while additional items were donated by employees. These holiday bags went to 1,200 households in Utah County, with a specific focus on CASFB’s Provo pantry. 

Kelcie Hartley, Daily Herald file photo

The Nu Skin headquarters in Provo is pictured on Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022.

Certain employees deserve credit and gratitude for making this event a success. For example, Joshua Wilson, the global community outreach manager, harnessed his team and spearheaded Nu Skin’s efforts in putting this event together. Additionally, this event would be impossible without the participation of the employees of Nu Skin.

Organizations have the potential of helping their community in so many ways, especially when they join with groups like CASFB. Charity is a yearlong endeavor and something every organization should be actively involved in. The effect of their help can be extremely beneficial. To create an event with CASFB, go to CASFB’s website or contact Tom Hogan (thogan@communityactionuc.org) or Lisa (lisat@communityactionuc.org) directly to plan an event. 

To learn more about the food pantry, corporate sponsorships and donations, and other services provided by Community Action Services, be sure to visit our website.

Holiday meal bags built by volunteers wait to be distributed at the Nu Skin headquarters in Provo on Dec. 13, 2022.


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