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Money Matters: How to save money while traveling

By Lindsey Certonio - Special to the Daily Herald | Feb 17, 2024

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By following a few simple strategies, you can reduce your travel costs.

Do you have a goal to travel the world and experience all the unique and wonderful attractions you can’t find anywhere else? While most would likely choose to travel several times a year, for many it’s not realistic, with the average cost of a vacation for one person ranging upward of $1,919 per week.

Traveling to your dream destination doesn’t always have to be super expensive. By traveling during the week, planning ahead of time, using travel points, utilizing multiple transportation services and not eating out for every meal, you could be one step closer to traveling several times a year.

Travel on weekdays

Did you know most flyers are traveling on days between Thursdays and Mondays? This happens because many people go out of town for a fun weekend or have work obligations to attend to starting at the beginning of the week. This is great information to take into consideration when planning since flights tend to be cheaper on days when they are less popular.

If your schedule permits a mid-week vacation, you can count on saving some extra money. This also applies to various other traveling expenses such as lodging.

Make a plan

Planning transportation, meals and activities ahead of time will not only save you stress but money as well. The number one reason for this is you can do your research and set a budget. With an agenda in mind, you can look out for cheaper alternatives or coupons for specific activities. This also allows you to have a good idea of when you are getting close to hitting your budget so you can cross low-priority items off your list. For the best finds and prices, start planning your next trip six months to a year in advance.

Use points

Leverage your money by using credit and airline points. Points are powerful in the world of traveling. They act as money when booking hotels and flights. You can use both credit card and airline points to your advantage by taking multiple flights with one airline company and signing up for their loyalty program. When you buy a flight or anything else, make sure to use a credit card that has traveling benefits. This will double your savings on travel in no time.

Use various types of transportation

On average, travelers will spend $700 a week on a rental car. That’s a lot of money to spend just on getting around a city. Be savvy when you travel by considering various transportation options, such as public buses or trains, car services such as Uber and Lyft, or simply walking, allowing you the opportunity to explore and take in more of the scenery. When you are preparing your itinerary, provide a rough estimate of the distance to each destination to properly plan for what type of transportation will be needed.

Go grocery shopping

As you know, eating out isn’t cheap, and going to another state or country doesn’t change the fact that eating at restaurants can drain your pockets. By grocery shopping, you can save money and experience local foods. If your lodging provides accommodations like a fridge, microwave or oven, you can pick up things to make a quick sandwich or casserole, or you can purchase pre-made meals that are ready to simply warm up. However, enjoying a couple of meals at a restaurant is all part of the fun, so just make sure to plan what meals you’re OK preparing.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning your next trip! Just remember to plan six months to a year before your travel date, opt for weekday traveling, use points or start your journey of accruing travel points, take advantage of multiple transportation options, and visit the grocery store once you arrive at your destination.

Lindsey Certonio is a project manager at Fullcast, a Silicon Slopes-based, end-to-end RevOps platform that allows companies to design, manage and track the performance of their revenue-generating teams.


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