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Provo Business Spotlight: Mars provides unbiased customer insights for marketers using AI

By Emma Marcois Wilson - Special to the Daily Herald | Jul 6, 2024

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Tanner King, left, and Jason Lowe, right, are improving marketing for small businesses with their software called Mars.

Recent Brigham Young University Sandbox alumni Jason Lowe and Tanner King have gone above and beyond in unleashing the power of customer insights for B2B marketing teams.

With a substantial background in the startup ecosystem and current studies in business, Lowe recently noticed a large and concerning gap in sales-marketing cooperation and a lack of customer data to drive marketing decision making for small businesses. He found a surprisingly simple way to fill that gap: automated customer insight gathering and usage for marketers using artificial intelligence.

Mars was officially born in November 2023. Since then, Lowe and King are able to say their software is running smoothly and selling fast. Small businesses have reported that the company has made a significant impact on their marketing success, so much so that Lowe and his team have decided to dive in and make this a full-time business.

It was quite a surprise to hear that marketing departments could possibly be under-informed, but the team reports that Mars has already garnered several loyal customers who were tired of wasting hours manually gathering unfruitful and biased insights from sales and customer success teams.

Most call intelligence platforms analyze recorded sales and customer success conversations, extracting insights tailored to sales teams, and report summaries to a company’s sales department. Mars, on the other hand, extracts marketing-specific insights and uses AI to put them to work for marketing teams, saving time and going beyond the capabilities of current competitors.

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Companies use Mars in conjunction with the sales-specific platforms they already utilize; that way, they don’t lose sales intelligence but they do gain valuable understanding to fuel their marketing success. The insights Mars extracts consist of customer pain points, concerns, motivators and more.

According to Lowe, marketing teams generally have to work their magic with the information they receive from sales and customer success teams, but those insights are often biased and unreliable, which leads to revenue left on the table and hours of wasted time. Mars has managed to bridge this gap and provide these instrumental insights — unfiltered and actionable — to marketing departments, making it quicker and easier for almost all marketing functions. With technology like Mars, even small companies can market to their audiences in a meaningful, data-driven way.

If you are a small business hovering around 30 to 500 employees and looking for more customer-based decision making in your marketing department, Mars could be worth a look. Mars automatically surfaces and utilizes impactful customer insights to help you expand your business with ease. Check it out today at https://getmars.ai.


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