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Orem grandmother needs help providing Christmas presents for 4 grandchildren

By Ashtyn Asay - | Dec 4, 2021

Courtesy of Sub for Santa

Sub for Santa

Carrie, an Orem resident, needs help to create a little Christmas magic for her four grandchildren this year amid financial and medical difficulties.

According to Carrie, it has been challenging to care for all of her grandchildren at once. She and the children have had to quarantine multiple times this school year, particularly when her oldest grandson came down with COVID-19.

Carrie said that her family has had a hard time making ends meet this year, and she has had to seek help to provide food for the kids.

Some of her grandchildren have been experiencing suicidal thoughts, as well as dealing with other mental health struggles. Carrie has had a difficult time managing their medications and would like to get her grandchildren professional help for their suicidal thoughts.

Carrie’s oldest grandson, almost 15, needs pants, a size XS coat and size 7 socks. His favorite colors are red and black, and he enjoys playing board games and Xbox One games.

Carrie’s oldest granddaughter, almost 13, needs gloves, a size XXS coat and size 6 socks. Her favorite colors are yellow, orange and red, and she enjoys making crafts and playing board games.

Carrie’s youngest grandson, age 9, needs a size XL coat, as well as size 5 socks. His favorite color is blue and he enjoys playing board games and Xbox One games.

Carrie’s youngest granddaughter, age 6, needs a size 10/12 coat. Her favorite color is yellow, and she enjoys playing with L.O.L. dolls and puzzles.

According to their grandmother, the children would also enjoy any age-appropriate books.

Carrie’s grandchildren are most excited to see their mother this Christmas, as they don’t get to see her often. She said that the Sub for Santa program helped her and her family last year, and she hopes it will help them again.

All names of Sub for Santa participants have been changed. To help a family like this one, call the Sub for Santa hotline at (801) 356-6300 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or visit https://subforsanta.org.


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