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Orem resident tosses hat into ring for Congressional seat

By Genelle Pugmire - | Nov 13, 2021

Courtesy Jason Preston

Orem resident Jason Preston to run against Rep. John Curtis for 3rd Congressional seat.

On Nov. 4, Orem resident Jason Preston announced he would be seeking the Congressional seat held currently by Rep. John Curtis in Utah’s 3rd District.

In recent visits with residents, Preston laid out his concerns for the country, its people and the U.S. Constitution.

Preston calls himself a “constitutional conservative,” but hesitates when people think he is far to the right. He says he is running not because he is against a person, or a political party.

“My loyalty is to the Constitution,” Preston said. “I find it dangerous when we latch on to a person or a party. This is a movement not a political party.”

“If there is one state that should be leading the charge to protect our freedom, it’s Utah,” Preston said. “For too long we’ve been asleep at the wheel, while other conservative states are up in arms, we act as though, “all is well in Zion.”

But all is not well in Zion, Preston noted.

“The most solid, freedom loving people are here. They’re raising their children to understand the source of their rights,” Preston said. “The constitutional giants in our state are amongst the best people I’ve ever known. My family and I know we’re supposed to be here. We love Utah, and Utah must play a vital role in saving the Constitution.”

Preston believes people have handed their God-given rights over to unelected bureaucrats while the people continue to look to the government as the source of their rights.

“We’ve simply gotten too comfortable,” Preston said.

In announcing his campaign, he said, “I will not be running a typical campaign. I am not a politician. I never imagined that I’d be running for office.”

In talking to a group of interested residents, Preston said, “It is up to us, the people in this room, WE THE PEOPLE, to fight alongside each other to change the trajectory of our state and country. And that’s why I’m running for Congress in Utah’s 3rd District.”

Preston was born and raised in Orem. He said he learned firsthand about the power of the individual, through hard work and, critically, making some mistakes.

“I struggled as a kid being raised in a broken home, but I eventually found mountain biking as a healthy outlet and it got me out of trouble and helped me develop self-worth. Eventually I was able to serve a mission for my church, and graduate from BYU with a degree in education,” Preston said. “I love spending time with my beautiful blended family. My two daughters, Savannah and Shiloh, and my wife Alexia are three of the strongest patriots you’ll ever meet.”

As for his career, Preston says he is an entrepreneur at heart.

“In 2005, my passion for cycling along with an unconquerable spirit led me to create The Tour of Utah, one of the biggest cycling races in the country. We built it from the ground up and turned it into an international multi-day road race across Utah. I’m so proud of what we built with the Tour before selling it to Larry H. Miller in 2007,” he said

Preston built Dental Branding, which became the official marketing partner for Henry Schein, serving thousands of dentists nationwide. He currently works with business leaders in Utah and around the country for a political watchdog organization, National Write Your Congressman, to get them involved in holding members of Congress accountable.

“Over the past several years, I’ve had countless discussions with business owners about their frustrations,” Preston said. “Day after day, I’ve seen successful men and women all but lose hope in the state of the nation. They feel over taxed, over regulated and that their children’s futures are being hijacked by socialism.”

Preston said one of his main goals as a member of Congress would be to ensure that he is accessible and accountable to the people of Utah while serving and representing them in Washington.

“More importantly, it’s time to fight back and expose the flaws and corruption and demand accountability,” Preston said.

“I talk with small business owners every day who are fed up with government overregulation,” he added. “The COVID lockdowns were a real wakeup call as to how far we have come from the country our founders gave us. However, the government’s overreach started long before last year and the shrinking middle class has been paying the price.”

Preston said he met with a friend in Payson who owns a fish hatchery who told Preston he has a hard time competing because of government regulations and that it’s cheaper to get fish from China.

“We regulate our small businesses and then support the Chinese Communist Party as they engage in human slavery,” Preston added.

As for education, Preston said, “I see mothers standing up against Critical Race Theory and advocating for their children. Our mothers are seeing that they have the right and responsibility to protect their children from the encroachment of the government. Women are empowered here in Utah and I’ve been in awe of the women standing up as freedom protectors.”

Preston indicated that he home-schooled his two daughters.

“I believe in what this country was founded upon; that there is a God, that each of us has the seeds of divinity, and that Government was created to serve man. These three truths will never change, and they are still worth fighting for,” Preston said.

He also said, “When people don’t hold elected officials accountable, we’ll lose our way. The responsibility lies with ‘We the People.'”

Preston also said he is concerned about the divisions among the people when it appears that, for the most part, they all want the same thing — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

While claiming the media will point him out as an “extremist” he said that believes the Founding Fathers would be seen as extremists today. He wants to stay centered to the true principles the nation was founded on.

“My future voting record is not about popular laws vs. unpopular laws, it’s about whether or not the government has the authority to enact certain laws at all,” Preston said.

Preston has a checklist that he would consider before voting for any bill:

  • Is it constitutionally sound?
  • Is there a better private sector solution?
  • Does government have the authority to spend our money for this purpose?
  • Does this law exceed the power delegated to government by the people?
  • Is the federal government authorized by the constitution to do this or as the 10th amendment dictates does this authority belong to the states?

For more information about Jason Preston and his platform visit http://prestonforcongress.com.


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