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Vineyard says goodbye to its first city manager

By Genelle Pugmire - | Oct 1, 2021

Courtesy Vineyard City

Jacob McHargue is leaving Vineyard. As city manager, he has seen the city blossom.

It is a bittersweet moment when someone you have worked with for a long time moves on. That is how Vineyard is feeling as Jacob “Jake” McHargue says goodbye Friday as Vineyard’s city manager.

It was about eight years ago that McHargue joined a small crew of workers and dreamers in the Vineyard city offices.

“In 2013 when I was training for a marathon, I would often jog down the empty streets in Vineyard for my long training runs,” McHargue said. “I happened to run past the city offices and noticed a job posting for a deputy treasurer and applied.”

McHargue said during his interview he learned what the town had planned and the explosive growth that was coming.

“I knew immediately that I needed to be a part of what was happening in Vineyard,” McHargue said. “I was lucky enough to land the job, and over the past eight years I have had the opportunity to serve the city in various capacities.”

“I have been involved in a lot of discussions and decisions that have shaped the city, but the most important role I’ve had over the past eight years is hiring the incredible team that is leading the city today,” McHargue added.

The city has been in the fortunate position of growing from a blank slate, and this opportunity has helped the city attract leaders that caught the vision, McHargue noted.

“During my time with the city, I have watched these leaders grow and build the amazing teams that are leading the city today,” McHargue said. “While Vineyard took a chance hiring me eight years ago, they took another chance when they hired me as their first city manager five years ago. I can’t really express to the city council how grateful I am for the opportunity that I have had to be a part of creating something so exciting.”

McHargue says he looks back at the past eight years with a lot of pride at what he and the city team have been able to accomplish together.

“We are nearing the finish line on quite a few projects, but Vineyard is just getting started. I am even more excited to see what is in store for the next eight years,” McHargue said.

As part of the honors McHargue is receiving this week, Mayor Julie Fullmer gave him a pair of shoes to remember his jogs through the city while looking for work.

“While he is leaving Vineyard, the impact that his service and sacrifice has produced is tangible and has helped shape our community today and in the future,” Fullmer said. “Jake grew with the city. We can’t all be here forever but we are grateful to Jake for dedicating his time and innovative insights into building a place we call home.”

“He was a unique leader that invited a lot of great relationships and opportunities to Vineyard that would not have been as successful without him. We are very happy for Jake’s next steps as he looks to serve his family better,” Fullmer added.

Vineyard is currently in a nationwide search for a new city manager and is anticipating announcing McHargue’s replacement soon.


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