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UTA announces service changes for August Change Day

By Ashtyn Asay - | Aug 5, 2022

Evan Cobb, Daily Herald file photo

A FrontRunner train is pictured at the Orem intermodal transit station on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019. 

The Utah Transit Authority has announced multiple transportation changes to bus routes in Utah County as part of August Change Day 2022.

“The Utah Transit Authority is updating, adjusting and expanding service across the region this August,” according to the UTA website. “This important service is based on evolving ridership patterns, ongoing community needs and feedback received from the general public.”

In addition to August Change Day, UTA also has service change days in April and December. Service changes for August Change Day will go into effect on Sunday.

The frequency of the 830X Utah Valley Express bus, which runs from Provo Central Station to Orem Central Station, will increase to every six minutes between stations during peak weekday hours, and the bus schedule will be adjusted for improved FrontRunner connections.

Bus routes 821, 834, 850 and 862 will also experience schedule adjustments for improved FrontRunner connections.

Bus route 833 will be adjusted to include an additional stop at the Provo Airport, and bus route 871 will have new routing with service to the Entrata/Canopy stop discontinued and weekday service reduced to run every 60 minutes.

The FrontRunner Vineyard Station is set to be completed on Monday, although the start of service is currently unspecified.

“We’re waiting on one little piece of concrete to cure and we’ll be good to be fully operational there,” said Ezra Nair, Vineyard city manager. “The main holdup is we’re installing a light at the intersection of Vineyard connector and Main Street so that cars will have an easier time getting across that intersection to the actual station to park.”

According to Nair, the city is excited to be able to offer Vineyard community members easier access to other parts of Utah, as well as give those from outside of the city an additional opportunity to visit through its new FrontRunner station.

“We’re very excited, Vineyard has always focused on being a walkable community with multimodal transportation,” he said. “As a regional development, we’re excited to bring more people in from outside the city, to have that easy connectivity to other parts of the state.”

An opening party to celebrate this new station will take place at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 12 at Vineyard Grove Park, featuring a concert by Metro Music Club and a drone show.

For more information on UTA transportation schedules and changes, download the TRANSIT app, visit rideuta.com or call RIDE-UTA.


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