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Provo’s Covey Center for the Arts names new GM

By Genelle Pugmire - | Aug 16, 2022

Courtesy Provo city

Pam Cluff is the new general manager of the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo.

Provo’s Covey Center for the Arts has been without a general manager since the death of Paul Duerden, who helped open the center, in April.

Duerden came from the Brigham Young University and, for 15 years, worked side-by-side with Pam Cluff. This week, she officially stepped into Duerden’s shoes as the general manager of the arts facility.

“The Covey Center for the Arts stands as a showcase venue for the best in performance and visual arts in Utah Valley,” said Scott Henderson, director of Provo’s Parks and Recreation Department. “Pam Cluff will bring a new perspective and leadership style to The Covey Center and we look forward to a next-level for operations that makes a visit to this venue even more special.”

The Covey Center for Arts is under the Parks and Recreation Department and features two theaters, practice rooms and an exhibit hall.

“I come to this position with more than 20 years’ experience in the entertainment industry,” Cluff said. “In addition to the 15 years that I’ve worked for the Covey Center in a technical capacity, I have toured the nation as a designer, planned and managed large events for both the corporate and private sectors, and taught stage management at Utah Valley University.”

Cluff boasted a “well-rounded body of experience” that will aid her transition into the general manager role, along with everything she learned from Duerden in the decade-and-a-half since the Covey Center opened.

“I remember how excited our community was about the potential of the Covey Center,” Cluff said. “We could provide local performers with their first professional venue experience, and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, we are equipped to bring nationally acclaimed artists directly to Provo.”

Cluff said her hope is to reignite excitement for the Covey Center and all it has to offer.


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