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The Point announces chief development partners

By Ashtyn Asay - | Jul 12, 2022

Courtesy The Point

A rendering of The Point concept at The Point of the Mountain in Draper.

The development partner for The Point was announced during a press conference held at the Utah State Capitol Building on Tuesday.

The Point is a new neighborhood development set to occupy the 600 acres of state-owned property located at the current site of the Utah State Prison.

Members of The Point of the Mountain State Land Authority have been working since December to identify a development partner with experience building large-scale, sustainable communities. The organization finally selected a collection of developers, Lincoln-Colmena-Wadsworth, as its chief partner for The Point.

The Lincoln-Colmena-Wadsworth group is made up of the Lincoln Property Company of Dallas, Colmena Group of Salt Lake City and the Wadsworth Development Group of Draper.

“We know this is important, these are the folks that are going to help implement the vision,” said Alan Matheson, executive director of The Point. “Assuming we can reach an agreement on a development agreement we will be excitedly moving forward to make this vision a reality.”

Matheson also announced that the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority will be moving forward with the first phase of development at The Point. Known as The Hub, this 78-acre mixed-use area will consist of shopping, entertainment, housing, park and office spaces.

“This is kind of right in the center of the project, it has elements that represent what the public said they wanted, it is kind of a microcosm of the broader project,” he said.

According to Utah Rep. Lowry Snow, co-chair of the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority and a representative from St. George, members of the Point of the Mountain Development Commission worked extensively to survey thousands of members of the surrounding community, and have somewhat tailored The Point Framework Plan to the wants and needs of the majority.

“I was co-chair of the point of the mountain development commission, which studied the broader area that we know as Point of the Mountain. Part of that was to oversee the visioning of this area,” he said. “Including, to a large extent, trying to find out from the people that lived in this area what they would like to see, what was important for them.”

Snow stated that residents sought the creation of high-quality jobs, strategic growth, the promotion of high quality of life, the creation of parks and the preservation of open spaces, increased recreation opportunities, minimal resource use, improved air quality, enhanced mobility and environmental protections with The Point development.

“And that has been, to a large extent, what has gone into this plan,” Snow said. “Our guiding principals and goals of this board has been to always promote the public interest.”

Matheson also announced the launch of The Focal Point Survey, where residents will be able to give their input on what they would like to see as the prominent feature at The Point.

“This is going to be an iconic defining feature of the site,” Matheson said. “That process will help us as we move forward and engage in competition with design professionals and eventually get something in Utah that I think all of us will say, ‘that represents us.'”

Interested residents can take The Focal Point survey at http://bit.ly/focalpointsurvey.


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