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Orem City Council approves final vote tally on Proposition 2

By Genelle Pugmire - | Nov 23, 2022

Courtesy Orem City

The Orem City Council for 2022. Pictured, back row from left, are David Spencer, Terry Peterson, Jeff Lambson and Tom Macdonald, and, front row from left, LaNae Millett, Mayor Dave Young and Debby Lauret.

The Orem City Council on Tuesday carried through with its duty to officially certify the election return numbers on Proposition 2.

The contentious ballot measure sought to have Orem split from the Alpine School District and form its own district within the contiguous boundaries of the city.

The special canvass meeting was held via Zoom with Council member Debby Lauret in the council chambers as required by law. Those participating offsite via Zoom included Mayor David Young and Council members Jeff Lambson, LaNae Millett and Tom Macdonald. Those not on the meeting or voting included Council members Terry Peterson and David Spencer.

According to numbers received by the county elections office and read by City Recorder Jody Bates, there are 46,578 registered voters in Orem, of which 30,514 voted. That puts the vote at 65.6%.

“This is the highest (voting turnout) I’ve ever seen,” Bates said.

The final count was 8,639 in favor of Proposition 2 and 21,423 opposed.

In a meeting that latest just over five minutes, Macdonald moved to approve and certify the votes with Lambson seconding the motion.

“It’s obvious this issue woke up Orem and I hope they stay active in this process,” Macdonald said. “I am very thankful this Thanksgiving.”


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