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Sub for Santa: After losing his job of 10 years, man’s family of 7 needs Christmas miracle

By Nichole Whiteley - | Dec 2, 2023


Sub for Santa

Editor’s note: All names of Sub for Santa participants have been changed. To help a family like this one, call the Sub for Santa hotline at 801-356-6300 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or visit https://subforsanta.org.

After being let go of his job of 10 years due to the company downsizing, Sean and his wife, Emily, are going to receive a Christmas miracle for their five kids on Christmas morning because a Sub for Santa will be delivering presents on Christmas Eve. Some of her kids, ranging from age 3 to 16, still believe in Santa.

Since Sean has lost his job, they have been struggling to make ends meet, with food and gas being so expensive. The couple refinanced their home, which helped momentarily and allowed them to keep their vehicles, and Sean got some offers at auto shops, but it is not bringing in the amount of money they need. Emily is unable to get a job since she would have to pay for child care.

“I know it is not a need, and I know we could go without, but I would be so grateful if you could make my kids’ Christmas one to remember,” Emily said about the toys and gifts being given through the Sub for Santa program.

This is the first Christmas in 10 years they have had to ask for help. Each year, they participate in the Angel Tree program to buy gifts for and serve others, but they realize this year it is their turn to receive help. Emily said it has been difficult to ask for help and realize they are struggling, but, “We are grateful to qualify and be accepted. We need the help, but it just hits different.”

Emily said receiving help through Sub for Santa to give her kids a Christmas has taken a large amount of stress off of her and her husband. “We are able to take a breath and put the money that we would want to spend, or wouldn’t have been able to, and put it towards utilities and food,” she said.

“For my kids, especially my oldest two, it’s taught them that there are amazing people out there that are willing to help,” she said of the family’s experience with Sub for Santa. “All of them will smile and be happy. They will get Christmas, as this has been one of the hardest years for us.”

She continued, “I’m just really thankful. It’s making the feelings of ‘Oh crap, we’re struggling’ a lot more real. It makes me feel like people care about me, especially as a parent. When I see my kids sad that they can’t get the same christmas as other years, it pains my heart. I just am so humbled and grateful that there are people out there willing to help and give the true spirit of giving, especially to children and parents.”

The three littlest children are excited about getting gifts, and Emily said they are all “Looking forward to a happy, stress-free Christmas morning.”


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