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Sub for Santa: Loss of employment affecting family with 5 children

By Laura Giles - Special to the Daily Herald | Dec 7, 2023


Sub for Santa

Editor’s note: All names of United Way’s Sub for Santa participants have been changed. To help a family like this one, call the Sub for Santa hotline at 801-356-6300 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or visit https://subforsanta.org.

Jeffrey and Lynn have never had to ask for help before this year to provide Christmas presents for their five children. However, a few months ago, Jeffrey’s place of employment laid off several people, including him. The negative effects of this situation are making it almost impossible to provide Christmas for the kids.

Since Jeffrey got laid off, the family has had to refinance their home and Lynn got a job to help the family. However, with the costs of child care, they are still having a difficult time making ends meet. Additionally, Lynn said that they have had difficulties getting back on track financially because of the high costs of gas and food.

Due to the financial challenges of the past few months, Jeffrey and Lynn will be getting help from the generosity of strangers through the Sub for Santa program this Christmas. Although they did not want to ask for help, they are grateful for it this year. Lynn said that in years past, they have always been able to help others at Christmastime and have always given gifts to strangers through angel trees and in their church and community. This year, they are the ones in need of help.

The five children in the family range in age from 3 to 16. Their needs include jackets, pants and shirts. There are also things that they would like, such as books, a skateboard, toy dinosaurs and Legos.

The family is matched up with Sub for Santa donors who will be donating Christmas gifts this year. Lynn said that her three younger children are looking forward to receiving gifts. The two older children, who are teenagers, are wanting their dad to be able to have time off work at Christmas. Through this Sub for Santa experience, all of the children are learning that there are people who are willing to help others, even strangers. “We are looking forward to a happy, stress-free Christmas,” she said.

“Our five kids, my husband and I will forever be grateful to receive the help. I know it is not a need and I know we could go without. But I would be so grateful if you could make my kids’ Christmas one to remember,” Lynn said.


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